Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Thanks for the open invitation Tonix3 ... so lovely of you.

    I, too, have many questions but would be happy if you could tell me what new changes might come my way?

    Thanks for your kindness.



  • yes irritating is definitely the word to describe the baby's father...makes me wonder now what exactly does that mean when you say he is going to be "standing before me" it sounded like a conflict

    i am a little confused now...when you say it is something/someone that is already in my you mean the career movement or the person i am supposed to meet? sorry to be a little slow to get it lol i just want to be clear on what you're saying.

    thanks again 😃

  • Hi Tonix3

    What an wonderful offer. May I ask for one as well?

    Love men work or n education relocation?

    thanx sweetie.


  • Yeah 🙂 I am hard to control. I am a bit hardheaded, and I have a tendency to be bossy as well.

    I guess that if I want to be with him, I am going to hav to be less bossy!

    Your intuition is Dead On I must say..Good Job 🙂 Thanks for the time and energy that you have put into our readings.

  • hi there,

    this is a great way to pratice,I have been reading cards for awhile now and did run a topic on here for a while,but had to unfortunately stop as not only could I not keep up but had and continue to have many things going on in my life.

    I wish you the very best of luck in your journey, and my advice is don't try to do too many reads in one day,make sure you look after yourself too hun.

    may I ask what cards you are using?

    ok on to my problem,

    I met someone recently and all seemed to be going very well, he even asked me to marry him a few times, however I have now told him that we can no longer be lovers and only be friends.

    I am lucky in the sense he seems to have accepted this and know in my heart that although it hurts and I miss him terribly it was the right thing to do as my children would not accept him into my life and they need to be happy with the decisions I make in life also.

    This is th only reason we have stopped the relationship because the kids will not accept his kids are fine with it,my youngest seems to be fine but my two girls are just not having any of it.

    We do still talk to eachother and will be seeing eachother around every so often, which at present is difficult as the change in relationship is only recent, but we are sticking to a 'just friends'

    what I would like to know is whether this man will come back into my life in the future as more than just a friend or will I find someone else that my children will accept and we will all be happy with?

    Also is their any indication of when this is likely to be?

    I would be grateful to know anything you are able to pick up on.

    love and light crystal

  • Dear Tonix3

    Thank you for your kind offer.My question is about a person I had a relationship with,who just became indifferent suddenly.Now he s back and sending mixed signals again.Do you see us coming together in an intimate relationship?

  • hi tonix 3, i have a civil lawsuit coming up, which i did not initiate, this is an ongoing issue of harrasment as i see it from an ex., do you see this coming out in my favor and putting an end to this harrasment?thankyou and blessings!

  • Tonix, you are going to get overwhelmed very soon, if you get a chance, anything in general that falls out for me, and I thank you. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • toni3-I must say you are really good.Some others also told me that he is focused on money ,college and material things.And also I belive that he dosen't really care for relationships now.

    Yes ,i will wait because I really like him,and want him the best:) I hope that he is worth of waiting.:D

  • Hi toni3! Are you still practicing? If so I have a question about whether my relationship is going to work out, we are currently broken-up, but he says he still wants a future ????

    I'm 11-6-58 and he is 4-24-64. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Toni3

    Am I on the right path w S to a lasting relationship?

    Thanks for your time & energy

    Blessed be

  • Tonix3


    Blessings for doing this.

    I hope all is well with you.

    My main concern revolves around my health and finances. Romance is not an issue with me as I am not involve with any one and do not forsee myself in one as my concerns are health and finances.

    What can I expect in the for see able future with reqard to thes concerns.

    Loving silver wings

  • Are you still doing quick readings, if so, would like some insight into a rough spot in my relationship with a male birth date (Debbie) 3/15/51 - 6:55am, his birth date, (Dave) 2/2/49 - 2:00 am. Will issues be resolved to both of our satisfactions?

  • tonix3


    If your still doing readings I would love some insight on my love life(or lack thereof recently)

    I would like to know what my love interest thinks of me & will he come around again?

  • Practice on me, love reading!

    me = march 28 1980, him = January 18, 1980... what do the cards lay for us?

  • I COULD SURE USE A reaing my birthday is 11/01/57 and my husbands is 08/06/57 our marriage seems to be falling apart and i don't know what to do whaT DO YOU SEE FOR US AND FOR THIS WEEKEND...

  • hey everyone, thanks so much for helping me with my development. I will get to everyone i missed last night later today! promise!

    also, no need to give names, bdays, or horoscopes. completely understand its common when card readers ask for it, I just dont really know what to do with that information.

    ok, ok, will get back to you all in a bit.

  • Hi, I would really love a reading.



    Why was I dumped by my ex-boyfriend?

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