Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Is Tonix back? If so, may I say, WELCOME BACK!!!! And that I am SO GLAD that you are feeling fit again!

    Walk in Beauty,


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  • Hello Tonix, My question is: Is my present relationship really over this time and if so is there a new love in the future?

  • I am very sensitive and have recently had a high amount of activity and energy. If your interested I would be a prime candidate.

  • TruCaling:

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  • cwb, Thank-you for the input and reading. This week-end we just bury a young family memeber on his side of the family, His sisters treated me as if we've been Divorced for years, VERY COLD. I have never done anything to them, So I dont know what he has told them, if anything? I did ride with him for every-thing, I felt I was treated as if , I was a friend by him. Or if neither one of us, knew what to say, so it was just small talk. He hugged me g-bye and told me to have a nice night when I was taken back to my car. Im even more confused now and have NEVER felt so alone , by his actions as if its really over, Im so hurt.. I do have some peace knowing you did see him coming back.. You did say if I take him back???? I have always been a very strong person, for whatever reason I just cant let him go. I feel as if apart of me has died and I have no peace within myself. cathi56.

  • Dear CWB:

    Last week you responded to my question regarding a Scorpio man born 11/20/67 (name starts w/ a C) and myself, Aquarius woman born 2/11/67, name starts with an R.

    Can you pick up any new vibrations regarding our situation. Do you still think there is the possibility of a romantic relationship. Haven't heard from him for a while, he's overseas.

    Also, if not him...What does my romantic future hold. I am currently in Philadelphia.


  • Dear CWB,

    Hello, last week I wrote to you concerned about my daughter Sarah, Columbia, PA. As of yesterday she spiked a fever. Is this only a temporary illness? Very much concerned, she has Autism and Crohns Disease. Thank you. ~Susan

  • here is my question what does he need to do..i have tried what you have said candle light dinner he blew the candles out, one of his friends showed up and he invited him to dinner...i could be seating right next to him stark ass naked and he wouldn't notice. so what do you do then just accept that i do nothing for him sexually but god only knows who does now.

  • Tdsmith:

    Wow, men can be assholes. I´d write him a letter. Point it out what it does to you when he does what he does.

    Question did u warn him off the candledinner, as in tonite i plan an eve for just u n me so plz do NOT make plans? or he´ll get the gist when he arrives home?

    A man once told me, men need a shovel connected to their heads b4 they get whats going on, so i´d say get out a shovel ( write letter ) cconnect to his head ( hand it to him)

    if not i dunno what u could do, mayb some of your other ladies has an idea or trick that worked???

    cwb on thin ice now

  • CWB:

    I hope by you participating in this forum that you are feeling better. Many blessings to you if your not.

  • Renzoslove

    thank u sweetie, i feel somewhat better but its still grrr painwise LOL. I hope its better this weekend. Im daily at a course and there i cannot just zone in and be of help. Off duty my days has been busy elsewhere. i hope this coming weekend i get downtime so i can help a few. Seems ive collected a list and ive not even advertized i was doing anything ahahahahahah

    BUT since people has asked me in person so to say, am i feeling some obligations. HOWEVER we´ll see how many.

    for those whio has yet not gotten an answer from me, i STRONGLY suggest you find your post, read the replied given, because i KNOW of at least 6 or so persons asked the SAME ISSUE and the reply given to some of them ARE ALIKE:

    i know 41 pages is a lot to go through, but thats what we readers do when we wish to help some other reader out. we start at page one and continue to page ?????



  • cwb - hello, I'm hoping you can give me some insight into what's going on with my life. could you tell me what the rest of this year looks like for me? love life?

  • oh, my bday is 11/2/83, sorry about the multiple posts!

  • Hi CWB, can you please give me any advice about me and S, I am so confused at the moment with him.

  • Hey cwb,

    Ken finally asked me out on a date for the 4th of July..... I've been crushing on him for like six weeks but waited until he was ready to make a move.... I can't wait. As for the house it actually passed the termite inspeciton... but we still haven't closed the deal..... school starts in a few weeks life is looking good and I am grateful for all I have been blessed with including your support and advise

    with love


  • CWB,

    Thank you for the reading. I will stay strong as I have not a clue what the future you see my life taking a different direction in light of what I have experienced in the last year with my children. Will they eventually accept the loss of their father and see that the decisions I made was for their best interest as they were all college bound at the time of his death? I am worried about all of them but mostly for my youngest one who just turned 19. He is a Capricorn born on January 13th, 1997 and his name starts with a D. thank you for telling me "The man will stick as long as u show u want this as much as he does...." I do love him even though our circumstances makes it impossible to be with each other on a daily basis as he works 2363km away. We do manage to stay in contact on a daily basis and do manage to see each other when he has time off. His name starts with a P and mine with a G.

  • Hello Dovechick,

    Thanks for giving me input on my relationships. You were right that I would have a relationship that would be a great one.

    It was difficult for me after the passing of my husband and you told me I would have some great relationships. But you did not tell me that this relationship would lead to a solid unification that indeed has to led to marriage.

    Thanks for your great insight,


  • merry meet cbw,

    just a quick post to ask if you are o.k as I have someone here (sorry can't pinpoint who, but they have an extremely strong prescence and make me VERY cold)

    apparently they have been trying to contact you for a while now and you don't seem to be listening, sorry don't shoot the messenger they told me to tell you look after yourself and pay attention to the things going on in your world instead of other worlds, hope it makes some sense to you.

    love and light always


  • MeandKids

    Thanx sweetie.

    Ok guys an update. My back is somewhat better , but daily imn at a course where i stare onto a computerscreen for hours. When i get home is my head done for the day. Useable. The last few weekends ive been extremely busy helping my family. Ive practically not been home much. Lately my home is more like a hotel room than a home.

    I DID some time ago mention IF non could be patient then for them to post NEW threads and hope for the best. Im the kind of person who help ( read people) when i feel moved to, in a good place psychologically, energywise, spiritually goodwillwise place.

    Im not one who can be rushed bc thats is turn off and makes me dig in me stubborn capricorn heels. I then become an honest to God MULE!!!

    Repeated posts is to me the same as IMPATIENT CRIES to wit i hear drop all u do n help me right now or else. That also makes me NOT want to reply at all.

    What will make me help and continue IS:'

    1.Patience no matter how long it takes.

    2. Understanding thaT it may not happen when u wish want it to

    3. KNowledge like you i have a life OUTSIDE this forum

    4. Knowing i do this for FREE NO CHARGE

    5. Hope that i will resume n return n reply UR requests.

    6. That i will NOT drop everything JUST bc u want need wish me to

    7. Neg talk about me wont get ya far bc other readers sees n will recoil like human from'

    a poisonous serpent.

    And so far ......................welll ..................... time will show.

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