Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • hi! this is tita

    my question is i have a boyfriend fr. the phillippines his a Libra (10/12/60) and im

    scorpio (11/7/62) i want to know what his intentions towards me. his my first Boy Friend

    when we were younger... and get connected again...he wants us to committed to each other

    we both divorcees ...and im afraid to say yes.... please help me to make a decision if this

    relationship is going to be worth to committed .... i dont want to get hurt again

    I'll take any advice you can give.....I'll be waiting for your response

    thank you so much

  • hi tonix3 i was wondering if you could give me a question is what will be happening in my life for the next year? i am expecting a baby in late september-early october i am 24 weeks along now. anything concerning my baby, love life (i am single), finances, plans etc....thanks 😃

  • @tita, ironically, i got similar set of cards when i i asked about your question as i did when i did the reading before, so it seems a bit clearer. i am seeing that this relationship/commitment will work out in your favor. its an opportunity, (not to sound materialistic or superficial) but this commitment you are scared of going into will actually elevate you in some respect. i say financially, because thats what comes to mind, but it could just be a situation where this person will come in and really take charge of things that have been a burden to you. 100% on what i see (and i know im still learning!), dont fear this at all.

    i cant say i feel that this is about his feelings to you (although you were together years ago), but i do feel this is something thats more of a convenient situation and it would work out for both.

  • Yes, I was in a relationship with him that was leading to marriage; however, we had a woman who purposely broke us up. He finally sees that now.

    He is the president of the company that I use to work for. So he use to be my boss. That is why the cards say that he is superior to me.

    So basically, you are saying that when we sit down and talk he will give me an ultimatum?

  • My name is Clara M Murillo my DOB is 5/17/1987

    I am a single mother of 2. My youngest daughters dad just got in touch with me and wants something to do with her. So my question is Is he really going to be in my daughter's life? Do you see me getting back with him? His name is Jesus Acosta Molina his DOB is 1/2/1984

  • this is tita

    yea... but whats your advice for my questions regarding my boyfriend you said the reply is for another person...your right im feeling frustrated about my relationship to him because i dont know what to do... please advice me about this... i like him so much i dont want to lose him again but if his going to hurt me i dont want to go through with that pain again i been through a lot already... please help i dont want to make a wrong dicision

    waiting for your advice

  • so is that a yes... to go through with the commitment ...please answer me.. and it would be appreciated....

    and your going to be my personal adviser and some of the things that you told me is accurate

  • hi heavenly flower.

    the first cards are all abundance cards, in relationship, your pregnancy and home you are fine. these three cards are positive ones. the next cards i see you and a prize (but could also represent your coming child) and you before a male figure thats intense. someone you clash with, but not like fighting a way, just someone that rubs you the wrong way. i see you strong before this person, with child in hand, but maybe just be weary. I also see an older gentleman, that protects you or supports you in regards to the male figure i mentioned before, could be either a brother or father? this older person however is more dominant than the other male and intimidates him in a way that he isnt intimidated with you.

    i see a progression in your career or finances. there is a financial movement or a trip due to work. but its something you pursue that ends up turning into a better opportunity than you originally went after. for example, a counter offer on something. theres definitely some sort of trip or movement somewhere in regards to work. and you are heavily rewarded in the end. so either a new home or a big promotion, i feel its something you havent planned on happening, but its something that starts with one idea and spiraled into a BIGGER one.

    i am seeing that through this movement you will meet someone who you will be romantically involved with. im feeling more of a counterpart, not really a client or a boss, but someone more on your level. culd be that this person is currently in a relationship or will be at the time you meet, and theres a separation at that time.

    from the vibe i get, you are ok. i dont really feel theres any major prblem or change coming in or out of your life. everything seems somewhat balanced.

  • tita, based on what i see in the cards, you have nothing to be scared of. this relatinship will work out.

  • Tonix3:

    This is so cool that your are developing your gift!! If you could do a reading for me, I would appreciate it. My question is will my life settle down anytime within the next couple of months? Relationships and finances are unsure at the moment. My DOB is January 8, 1962. Thank you for this, and the best of luck in fully developing your gift!!

  • tonix3,

    Sure I would Love to try this, 've never tried or gotten

    into the cards so it could be fun for us both.

    Do I need a Specific Question ?

  • pilot, that clarifies it a bit more for me. i feel this wont be so much an ultimatum, but more kind of like cornering you into deciding. i feel this person wanting to "own" you. i get a very "i want this and im going to have it because i said so" kind of vibe. so im guessing your exboss/lover is domineering and jealous. and i feel this "sit down" will happen more because he's not able to control you and not so much because of sincerely wanting to be with you, from the cards i threw out before, it was more of an intense focus on you to bend his way.

  • addictdtoriches, its easier for me to focus on one thing, but i can try and shoot for a general reading. im just learning to interpret the cards, easier with a smaller bunch than the whole deck.

  • thank you so much for your advice.... i really appreciate it..

    i will talk to you again soon...


  • thank you 😃 i am relieved to know things are looking good for me...the man you describe me having conflict with is probably the father of my baby, and the older gentleman is probably my dad. i wonder what the conflict is going to be about and how that's going to play out...anything you might be able to add on that?

    as for the career part i am very glad to hear that...i am nervous about finding a good job after my baby's born and i am able to go back to work. glad to hear that good things are coming that way.

    thanks again, you are doing a good job 😃

  • tonix3

    Okay we can start small 😉

    I would love some insight Involving hhhmmmm... Relationships.

  • Toni,

    I know thats not so specific, So if that consist of a full reading

    my back up plan would be insight on financial areas.


  • If you still need practice, I would love a quick reading. My main concerns involve this weekend and what might take place.

  • heavenly flower, i didn't get the impression its going to be something coming, but more something thats constant, like someone already there. i also get the impression that he presents one face to the older gentleman than he really is, but the older one isn't deceived, he knows exactly what this person is and its good you have them on you side. but honestly, i feel like this is someone who is more a nuisance than a threat. like i said someone you dont really have wars with, but just irritated.

  • Tonix3

    I would love to let you practice on me. Do you see a job for me or my husband in the near future? If so can you tell me anything about it, such as what, where, and when? Thank You

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