Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Name i most often go by is Nora Watts and I'm in Toowoomba QLD Australia

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  • Dovechick

    i still get the "makeover stylist aide" for ya. Sorry lol


  • Newnoz aka nora

    when i saw ur name n ur question i saw a huge town. i located ur current town n saw it lies close to Brisbane. I feel this is maybe where u wanna settle. that being said i feel that werther u stay where u are or move to Brisbane ur new home will have a sort of colonial style to it. I hear like greek revival style old american south ish. whichever it will b a great home.

    best of luck'


  • Thank you Charmed Witch ( cool name)

    In trying to place the styles of housing in small city Australia I will have to look.

    Haven't seen anything colonial too often Some Queenlanders have that feel to them

    These are very common both here and in Brissie.

    We are about 2+ hours from Brisbane here when traffic allows

    Thank you for your help,


  • Do you see me getting a job out here in Holland as in will my confidence improve, my name is Michele!

  • Sorry, how rude of me. Many thanks for your time CharmedWitchBente, kind of you to take a look.

  • CWB

    I could do with a facelift...Does that count? :-o))

  • Michele, my name is Michele too and spelt the same way.

    First thing that came into my mind was whether you were not native to Holland. So was wondering whether you were worried about communication.

    But none of the cards refered to communication at all. They all refer to moderation and wisdom.

    It appears that self discipline will get you what you want, if you keep calm and think from an objective standpoint you will be able to grab an opportunity that has escaped others. You will have to be prepared to face a challenge, possibly a mental challenge in which you will have to prove your ability to think on your feet. If you feel you are lacking in confidence, you might have to 'fake it to make it', but if you manage that you will grow in confidence and feel it for yourself. Be sure about what you want though, that will give you the courage to so what needs to be done.

  • Intrigued aka Micele

    As u well know is all the world in a job needed chaos. 25% of jobs is in open forums such as jobbanks, papers, weekly papers n such. 75% are unofficially displayed, some on the companies own webpages, but many i see 65% are internally displayed n wanted. Which means u need to know someone who knows someone.

    best chances is either complete an education that enables u a diploma to perform the job everywhere, or u up ur game by applying without the company even having asked advetized for hired hands.

    as for confidence, get a book in which u can write, n write down 3 things minimum each day of things that made u happy made u smile made u feel less blue. It works. The splendour of this book journal is u can go back n revisit n give yaself a boost. Ive done it for small 4 weeks n my confidenc, selfesteem trust in myself was in a abysmal pit. I didnt trust myself with even the easiets of tasks. Now i do thanx to that book of happy stuff. I named my book, My HappyBook.

    try it n see how it works for u, n i dare say since it work for me, it will work for u.

    best of luck Intrigued aka Michele


  • Dovechick

    hahahaah that reminds me of what a woman once say " i dont mind how i look but i do not appreciate what gravity does to my body shapes"

    Im normally against plastique surgeries. useally its bc they wanna have bigger boobs, smaller thighs, slimmer waistline, tummytuck, chin sucktion u name it. Or the teens who cannot outwait the finish growth of their forms to get a boobjob at age 15 n so on

    In the sense where i am okay for it is when the boobs are so huge its a hinder for the woman n she opts for a reduction to help her back, or the one who has lost the volume of her boobs through breastfeeding or bc she simply has no boobs at all. Or the piece here or there that really gets a woman down like turkey neck or sleepydropping eyelids n such.

    all in all just to get plastique surgery bc its in n many does it is not a goood enough reason. However if its degrading ur selfimage in neg sense, that it depresses u n u weep always n if its the only solution then by god woman get it done. i think all in all is there a diff on it.

    It has to look natural once its done. Just look at Anastacia, she had a boobreduction after her breatstcancer scare n she looks hotter than ever, more confident more woman n not a boobsexybomb. i dont wanna mention when it gets too much n out of hand.

    ok im off this soapbox LMAO


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  • CWB... only joking... If I had a vast fortune, I might get the best surgeons on the job, but you are what you are and all in all I am happy with the way I am. I should be happy with my present realtionship, but my partner spends most of his time asleep (partly due to having had leukeamia and now having a dodgy immune system, partly due to habit/lazyness, he has always spend a long time laying down, but it is not getting any better). Having nursed him through his dark period I was hoping for a bit of life at the end of the tunnel... We are well into the open now but he is still spending 14 hours a day in his bed. Is he bored with me? One could understand this of course as we have been together for 35 years. I'm certainly losing patience and as he has been a bad bad boy several time in our relationship... I have been wondering what about me?

  • Dovechick - Many thanks. I really appreciated your reply. Yes, I had noticed that your name is also Michele, spelt the same way. A friend of mine also spelt her name this way and always says that she is 1 'L' of a Michele!! which I've taken on board and makes me smile.

    I am not native to Holland, you are correct. Hmmm, that does make sense - the self discipline to remain calm and to think from an objective standpoint. Totally need to do that and I am working on it! Brilliant advice - fake it. Totally agree and am also working on that too. Sadly, I'm very unsure on what I want but I'm thinking it will come in time. Much appreciation for taking the time and effort to reply to me! Take care, happy days to you Michele 😄

  • CharmedWitchBente - Many thanks also for your reply. It was very kind of you. I'm thinking about Education but don't have a clue where to start. I'm thinking of more in the caring professions, NOT admin!! I have to start small at the moment and work up. Great advice on where to look too.

    I will try out the Happy Book, a sound idea and it worked for you. Especially when it's something I can revisit to give myself a boost. I really like that.

    It's very kind of both yourself and Dovechick on working together to help so many people. Really appreciate your help. Big thank yous to you both! Take care and I hope all is well in your world and happy days to you also 😄


  • @CWB Thank you much 🙂 I'll check out ivillage

  • Intrigued Michele: Thanks for that moto, I so often have to tell people only one L that this might do the trick and do my self esteem a good turn as well. You are welcome to my take on things. I hope it all works out well for you. Have you thought of doing some voluntary work in an area that interests you whilst you are not employed? It might give you an insight into something that you might love to do.

    I'm going to do a bit of digging in my garden now, in the sun...

  • CWB,

    Again, I'm sorry. I was hoping you could do a reading regarding the status of her Autism and if there will be a breakthrough soon regarding that and the health and healing of her Crohns disease. Thank you.

  • Love that picture is gorgeous!

    Does anyone have time for a reading regarding career and job opportunities? I purchased a house 3 months ago in a bigger city and relocated to that area, but running across obstacles in finding a job despite 3 college degrees. Will I find a job soon in the new city that will at least equal the income of my previous job...or should I seek employment in the city where I moved from where I know everyone? I was teaching at a private community college and the corporate office discontinued the program which has left me unemployed. I love helping people and working in caring professions, but also find that I have been exploring all employment opportunities in different fields due to the current unemployment status. Will I find a career position that will assist me in fulfilling the bigger plan and purpose for my life toward helping people and as a children's advocate making a difference?

    Many thanks for any assistance that you can offer. My birthdate is 8-28-1956 at 6:45 p.m.

  • CharmedWitchBente I was originally on page 3 but never got an answer, would you please give me a reading? birthday 10/11/50. Thanks so much.


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