Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Wow..

    Bente you have so many questions..

    Ok- I ll be short.

    I want to know if I should take a job offer to Uk or not.


  • HP Long time no see. How are you and how have u been?

    As for the job offer, do u feel deep down its the path to take? if so go for it. often when faced with change we get scared n try hell bent to keep status quo whereas change will come wether we want it or not. Our choise is to accept it n flow with it. bc frankly if we dont we´ll be hauled kicking n screaming or and we´ll get the tough assed path.

    Me as me will choose the flow with the flow path NOT the kicking screaming tough assed path.

    Where was i? oh yes ...........hahaahah sorry. Ahm if u post where u live HP i might see more. But overall i do think feel change we face is worth the jump so to say.


  • Pilot007 i clearly detect that once u n ur beau sit down u will choose it will b u 2 from now on n into the way future. I detect the mention of fast progress scares you properly bc u wished for this for so long n when it happens its SWUSH happens n u wonder can it be as true as i see sense feel envision it? will it b as good? trust me pilot, in love we ALL have these fears n questions. as hard as it may be, we miust try n grab it n ask, what have i to loose? what have i gotten gained recieved in this so far? AND if the reply is not much or nada at all, then u know u aint got nada to loose. Last line better to have loved n tried than not tried at all.


  • Littlemisslove

    in my experience with libra male you get the farests when u let him set the pace. i get that from ur statement " he needs a change"

    did it occur to u that that is ur wish?

    mayb he does need a change but aint it him to choose so? HOWEVER in order to tangle libra males ya need to "trick" him.

    by this i mean be on ya toes intellectual, turn the verbal said image with what has not at all crossed his mind so that he sees it all from another angle than his own n the angle he thinks u see it from. u need to b a tad of a strategist.

    As a male he needs envisionments, imagery. So u need to paint pictures and hint in them.

    My success with the libra male i know is like this, at first i pushed n i lost. 2nd round i let him pace it all while i strategicly "tricked" his views on many things, catching him off guard, mentioning thing he didnt thought of.

    Now many may say geezzzzz thats low. I dont think it is. Using out intuition works.

    But above all what made progress was that i fell into HIS pace. Accepted it. Yet at times nudge him along WITHOUT him knowing it.

    The trick it to know when u can nudge n how far n how much. A way to learn it before u plant anythinmg before him u ask urself it n frankly upfront truthfully u answer it. if it make su go YIKEs n u recoil then u know NOT to ask or place it before him.

    Thats how i got as far as i am with my libra male. N truth b told littlemisslove, it works.


  • Pangga

    What do u deep down feel for him? Do u still see him as he was back in the day?

    A suggestion before jumping blind into the abyss, maybe u and him should meet up, get reaquainted and take time to relearn each other. From there you may have more grounds for a choise that will influence your future life.

    i think what holds u back is the pain of ur failed marriage, but also that the feelings of then aint there as u´re both adults now and not teens anymore.

    I feel the get reaquainted the best path forward until u are sure of this. Another thing sweetie, he is just as nervous about all this as u are. In love relationship n all are both genders emotions alike. fear rules.- fear of rejection fear of this aint what it is n so on.

    good luck sweetie.


  • renzolove

    Many lives are in upheaval it seems, unbeknownst powerful forces are at work beneath the radars of our senses. its like early spring before everything pushes forward n upward and blooms. its the same for many peoples lives regard work finance love children etc.

    huge planetary actions indicate many will go through changes wether its love work or finance as well as personal changes. to many this seems like it has gone on for years even.

    rest assured this tidal wave we feel of upheaval will soon come to a close n we´ll have smooth waters again, plus we will be able to breathe.

    you will as well renzolove. take faith in ur intuition, preminitions and dreams bc they tell u what will happen to u n in ur life. have faith sweetie, all will end n come to a close n the outlook is shown to me as sunny n bright as a very happy fresh upbeat summersday.

    blessed be renzolove


  • Dear CWB Ok no problem. Thanks for all the extra practice with these many questions.

    1. 3 of Hearts- Yes, CWB, Alden will send you a ticket to relocate to the USA.

    2. 4 of Spades-No, CWB, Alden will not come in person and get you and take you with him home to the USA.

    3. 9 of Spades-No, CWB, Alden does not love you.

    4. 6 of Clubs-No, CWB, Alden does not want to marry you.

    5. 6 of Clubs-No, CWB, Charlie will not come and get you and bring you home with him to the USA.

    6. Ace of Spades-No, CWB, Charlie does not want to marry you.

    7. 8 of Spades-No, CWB, Charlie will not call you.

    8. 6 of Hearts-Yes, CWB, Charlie will forward you a number he is reachable on.

    9. Queen of Spades-No, CWB, you will not become pregnant this summer.

    10. 2 of Hearts-Yes, CWB, you will become pregnant in 2010. Since Hearts is associated with the season of Spring and there are only two days left in Spring 2010 either you are currently pregnant and this happened either 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months ago or if you were to make love within the next 2 days you will become pregnant all assuming this card draw is accurate.

    11. 6 of Hearts-Yes, CWB, Alden is the dad.

    12. 8 of Clubs-No, CWB, Charlie is not the dad.

    Ok I had to break this question into two separate questions:

    Is Alden the one for me?

    1. 6 of Spades-No, CWB, Alden is not the one for you.

    Is Charlie the one for me?

    1. 9 of Clubs- No, CWB, Charlie is not the one for you.

    2. Ace of Clubs- No, CWB, your oldest male friend Connor is not the one for you.

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • sporty46

    i get 2 visions when i saw ur question. work and studies. so maybe one of u get a job n the other starts to study in order to change paths workwise. or maybe both work at day n study in evenings. i sense the work is more hinted male so that indicate ur husband unless u have a strong masculine side. I´d look into both. the job i sense lands sometime in august.

    time frame is an estimate as guides dont have the same sense of time as we do.

    best of luck sporty


  • Thanx tanya 😜

  • MeandKids

    Dearest sweetie, i dont understand ur action since u so badly yearn for him. I got to ask, why in the wide world do you allow your kids to dictate your life? Yes he wont be their new dad or take their dads place ever. Are they aware of this? Do they think u wont love them anymore, that u will embrace his kids n forget all about them?

    I strongly feel u regret saying no to him, n u regret not making it clear to ur kids, there is all kinds of love. At times can kids b very selfish but at not time do i think they should be allowed to dictate their parents lives n loves.

    What when they are all in college n has loves n lives on their own, will u even then allow them to tell u whom u can date n not date? what if u then found a great guy heck even rehooked with this guy u turned down n wanted to marry him, n ur kids vetoed it? would u go ok i wont bc u say so! I will do what u say whenever u say it!

    Pardon but come one hon, seriously. Thats just wrong.

    U dodged the fights now but question is will u keep dodging it in future just because u kids dictate demand it of u? or will u say hell no its my life n non dictate it but me!

    Sweetie, where did u loose ur backbone?


  • Your welcome CWB. Let me know what happens! 🙂

  • Suramya

    Often i say to woman n men alike, what u got to loose, BUT here i get a huge sense of a STOP sign. I´d say watch ur back, test the temp but do not jump in right now.

    He played u like an on off button, do urself the favor dont b a button. IF he has changed, he has to PROVE it to u. U know the signs from last time, watch for them bc i sense he still uses them.

    the image i get is a guy that wanders from flower to flower occasionally returns for a revisit bc he thinks he can. hell he has succeeded sometimes but u sense u´re wiser.

    so be serious about he has to prove to u he has changed his way. as a male friend said me to once, as man i was a scoundrel. n i warned my daughter of them simply bc i used to be one.


  • stclaire

    hi sweetie, i see feel sense he´ll foul up big time. i do see court session but his huge baked bread will BOOM blow. his bragging is suspiciously criminal i´d say n once in court it will blow n show a pack of lies n papercastle built. i strongly feel he will b sentenced for lies, harressment, false accusations, false police reports, taking up court time for a mirage n more. I feel he will be sentenced to pay the trial, ur legal fees as well as his own and i even think pay u for ur troubles n the bs he put u through. i cannot say how much but all in all his own "ways" will get him in the end. juss leave it to ur atturney. u will prevail.


  • Monday11

    you need communicationcourse. yes u know how to talk but u do not know how to listen. i sense whenever ur man gets to talking u cut him off disregarding what he wanna say. u control the talks totally n it has come to the point he shuts down n never voices anything, to wit u get angry n throw tantrums like a small child would.

    talk is about verbal but also remaining QUIET. u have a hard time to keep still when he finally gets a word in edgewise. each time u do it, he feels unheard unloved misunderstood n the bad guy in the relatioship.

    u expect him to read ur mind 24/7. no man can. no one can.

    SO if u wanna save what can be saved, get a course in communications bc frankly dear u need it. he can also use it bc he needs to b brave enough to go be quiet im talking now n u just listen dont interupt me.

    I hope this helped.


  • Hi CharmedWitchBente,

    can I have a reading please ? My request is on page 15 .

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Amused59

    Yes u are just keep at his pacesetting n u will soon float down the aisle.

    blessed be


  • I have recently ended a toxic relationship of 15 years and have started dating my high school crush. We never dated before but he was my scret love of my life. It is 40 years ago that we were in high school together. Neither of uis married but had long term bad relationships. I have a 14 year old daughter. Could this be my lasting love?

  • LongSilverWings

    ur main message is:

    live in the moment.

    guides sense u r too focussed on tomorrow n next week that u forget the now n to stop n enjoy the vistas that r present. they ask u why u worry of future that aint here yet? makes sense doesnt it?

    Your health will better itself as will finance. as the global scare changes with the planetary action so will the world finance change too. again why worry for tomorrow as it aint yet here!


  • idesofmarchbaby

    WOW it sprang out at me. The reply is:

    Why do you NOT listen to eachother? u talk but neither of u listen to the other at all. U also could do with a communication how to talk to your partner course.-

    there is a time to talk n a time to just sit on ur butt n LISTEN. a LOT can b solved if u 2 just sat n listened WITHOUT interupting rudely n taking over the conversation each n every time.

    u may say we talk, but naaaah u dont. truely u dont. consider a course in how to talk to ur partner, how to communicatio properly. It will save it all.

    best of luck'


  • THANKS ChamrmedWitchBente 🙂 that is really sweet of you to take the time help me.

    I will keep you posted.

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