Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • Hi Dovechick! First thank you very much for taking the time to do a reading. However, I am very confused because I am a Scorpio 11-6-58 and he is Taurus 4-24-64 so I don't know if your reference to Gemini was in jest or ? I feel I am being true to my feelings.... slowly healing from the shock of him leaving but understanding the reason he left was because he has a lot to work on himself...... I know he still loves me and is very attracted to me probably more than when we first met. I think he will be back at some point, but I have to take care of me and get over the heartbreak..... I'm having some trouble moving on and maybe that is what you mean in your message. How does my future look? Thanks again so very much. ~~~

  • First and foremost, is Tonix OK? I have been "speed following" this all and suddenly she seems to have vanished after thanking Dovechick for taking over because she "had a lot on her mind"...I am concerned. I will be sending out white light to Tonix, but, please, girl, get in touch and let us know how you are!

    Dovechick, Icearia, thank you both for jumping in to help out! White Light to you both if you need or want it!

    Could either of you do a reading for me? I am interested in the money situation, of course, so if that comes up, do please let me know, but, perhaps strangely, I am more interested in finding out about my husband, Alberto. He is MUCH older than I am (so if you get "older energy" in the reading, you've locked onto him), so the whole "rapping about our feelings" is not his thing. Thankfully, I tend to be fairly intuitive and frankly do not feel any sort of big problem. I love him very much and am confident that he loves me too, though I am likely not the Love Of His Life, he having been married before etc...(his wife died, unfourtunately) For all of my intuition, however, there are moments when I would like to know-really know, I mean-what is going on with him and how he feels about me etc...I have it in my head that this knowledge can help me make our marriage even stronger. Is that silly?

    Thank you in advance for all of your hrd work and all that you do in the world.

    Walk in Beauty,


  • Dmick I think a letter would be what was indicated by the cards and certainly not putting of the inevitable. I commend you for your courage. I will write down in my note book that you would like a love reading, and when I have done a few of the others who have asked I'll try and fit that in.

  • Dear Rooster, I understand that the grieving process takes time and that someone who has been close to you for many years will have left their loving mark on you. I am not suggesting that you should stop loving your soul mate... and certainly the cards were not indicating such a deep and serious relationship. The ace suggested a new start, a new adverturous chapter, excitement and passion for life. The other two cards suggested a new relationship but there was no mention of the kind of connection you had with your husband. Much more lighthearted and where you had the upper hand. I know nothing of you or your circumstances so can only say what I get from the cards. You will know what is right for you and these encounters might merely be friendships, but they look like exciting friendships.

  • Oh no, I must have missed afew pages. I had no idea that Tonix has a lot on her mind and has gone. So sorry Tonix, I do hope all will be sorted for you. Sending you hugs, life as I always say does have a way of somehow working out. Take care of yourself and hope to see you back on other threads just to know that you are ok and on top of things.

    Dovechick and Icearia, how very kind of you both to step in and offer your services to help people. You two take care also and don't wear yourselves out! So many questions, a thread like this always mounts up quickly, tis very popular. It is easy to be snowed under so do take care also. 😄

  • OneofMany: Your three cards seem to indicate that you are intoxicated with the idea of love... There is an element of self delusion, of being blind to the truth. One of your cards implies that you have to cut through the cr*p and seek clarity using objectivity and honestly assessing what you want. So do you want the person you have known for a while or do you want the new relationship with your next door neighbour? I think it is time that you checked things out, take your courage in both hands and face up to the real situation. It will allow you to move forward into a real relationship.

  • Tanya: There is a strong dose of realism, practicality and efficiency in your cards. Is this appartment you have your eye on your dream place? If it is there is an indication that your dream might come true. There is also some mention of you doing well to have a trusted friend help you in this venture, maybe someone who has some knowledge of real estate or been through the process themselves. I think that you need to manage your affairs in connection with this move with objectivity and thoughtful management. This may be your dream but you need to assess this place with objectivity and rationality or your dream may turn to a nightmare.

  • Sexygem: Thank you so much for this... It is so nice to have someone look at the cards on my behalf I am never very trusting of my objectivity when doing this for myself. You are right that I am in love with someone else and in a way I was hoping for a new interest to take my mind off the person I cannot have. It is interesting that you say he might come back with a different attitude. I'm involved in a project that does not involve money but does involve a very important outcome and I am taking your last comment to mean that we will be successful in attaining that target.

    Re your crush (Oh how I know how that feels) ouch... not an easy relationship, knight of wands is the card I pulled that indicates a charming charismatic person, not much concerned about anyone but himself, tends to make promised he does not keep and says things he does not mean. I think your support at this time is a great group of friends, spend time with the girls, have fun, gossip about the crush and get them to help you to see what you are really faced with. If you do get to gether with this person you might end up irritated with him in a very short time. He is not going to commit to you in a meaningful way, you will end up frustrated and let down.

  • Monday: Sorry my mistake, I'm a bit dyslexic especially with numbers and as I also live in the UK the dating system is different here, so I have to transpose and remember the dates and I got it wrong. I should go with what the cards say. That is much more my scene. So the attraction is still there. Maybe you need to be a bit canny and use that power you have over him to get what you want.

  • Icearia:Thank you so much on two counts, one for doing such a super job of my reading so much detail and such a lot of good advice, secondly for the compliment of thinking of me as a young person. I am actually in my 6th decade, but my friends would tell you that I have the energy of someone half my age. I think it comes from being at one with the environment I live in. The beauty of being as old as I am is that you tend to look at rules with a different eye and see them as having a lot less power on you that when you were young. What you say about this person who is in my mind and heart having been someone who I have been associated with in a past life had crossed my mind and makes a lot of sense. We came together in this project by accident but kind of had instant understanding of each other. The relationship never progressed beyond this understanding at least not on his part. He is much younger than me and probably never saw me as anything else but a great colleague. I have given up on him, and he has disappeared from the project probably because of me, so I do not hold out much hope of him returning. But there are always new people joining and something may well come my way, even in spite of my age and situation.

  • Dear Friends

    I have to be away for the week end and will not have access to the internet, (I will be in a barn with a dozen women) I'm kind of wondering what is going to happen when I am gone. Will I come back to more than I can handle... maybe icearia and sexy gem can take up the slack. I am actually finding the format of this forum difficult to manage for the purpose we are putting it to... If some of you want to email me with a question I might find it easier to cope with.

    I'll still be coming round here and share out the readings with any others who feel moved to do it. I think this is great, I'm really enjoying the practice and an getting a feeling of unity from the cards that I did not get before, like when I draw the cards the images and words kind of blend together and start to make sense.

  • Thanks Dovechick,

    I actually have no difficulty in speaking in public, and have been asked to do so on the spure of the moment and in different circumstance.

    I guess I am just trying to get a clearer understanding.

    Thank you,


  • Dovechick, you are making me laugh. Thanks so much. I'll make him come to me before I use all that power!

  • I see my message has been edited and sexygem's user name is not acceptable in a message nor is my email address... so unfortunately we will have to carry on coping with this rather cumbersome format. Fiojenpat good that you are happy at talking to people because that seems to be the way you will make new acquaintences. Monday, that's the spirit and if all I do is make you laugh then I am satisfied.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello all,

    I guess my question on page 15 will have to wait unless anyone wants to answer it? Maybe I'm not supposed to get an answer?

    I was told by someone: Long ago and far away, ne'er the twain shall meet....the past is tired of crying...cross the water....I have a date, so stick with it!

    I'm kind of befuddled. But then I can jump to conclusions about that. It was a psychometry reading with a shamen holding my garnet ring. I didn't ask for the message nor did I complain, but thanked her.

    So, if anyone can answer me a riddle or what I posted on page 15, I thank you!!

    Love and Light to all,


  • Dear Dovechick,

    Thanks again for putting me on the right path. I know that my deceased husband would have wanted me to be happy.

    I feel the indications from your reading has helped me understand my next path on this journey wuthout my husband and soulmate.

    You have given me a renewed spirit to take another step on this new journey.



  • Dear Dovechick,

    Thanks for the reading I appreciate it. I had posted this question on another thread because I wasn't sure if you were going to get to it before you took off for the weekend and icearia answered it. Just to let you know her reading said about the same thing in regards to there being an indication that my wish will be fulfilled. This apartment is not my "ultimate" dream home but it is the home that would give me the best chance for a permanent residence which is more of what I'm after because my kids and I have been forced to move three times in the past three years and I want this cycle to stop. Thanks again! 🙂 Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Interesting reading,

    He is actually a quiet guy who is kind of shy. I met him a few years back and just noticed that he was attractive, he usually keeps to himself I've never seen him with any women. We recently started getting to know one another but it has been slow in progression. I want things to move quicker, but I have been careful not to rush things or become the pursuer. One of the reasons I like him is because he is not a "ladies man". That being said I will proceed with caution, but I feel I want to get to know him and if he wants to know me..... He's supose to help me prepare for my math placement test... I'll update in a few weeks.... I may be making a big mistake.... but it won't be the first. Thanks for the warning.

  • Ahhhh ... but you see Dovechick ... it is only ENERGY that we work with and yours is youth-filled. Would make sense that others say you are younger than your years for that is what you project! Annnd ... woohoooooo to you for being in your swinging 6's ... brava for remaining thoughtfully young.

    And, another ahhhhhhhh but you see about the man in your reading ... soul mates are not necessarily life partners. Often they whirl into our lives like tornados and shake us up ... or WAKE us up as is more appropriate. That is their purpose; often. What we see in them is us reflected at us and this is why Soul Mates teach us so much about ourselves. They are, also, someone we have usually spent lives with before. It would make perfect sense that he blew in, shook you up and blew out again. Soul Mates truly do that. It is when we think of Soul Mates as being the one and only romantic one that we LIMIT ourselves. Your card was teaching you lots.

    Hope you have a happy time doing what you need to. I, I am sorry for people, will not be taking up the batton on readings because they aren't really allowed and this was never my thread so I hope Dear Tonix forgives the many intrusions already. I wish everyone the happiness they seek.

    Dear Tonix ... may life be kind to you. Wishing you abundance.

    Angel Hugs Dovechick, Tonix and everyone here.

    Icearia x x x

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