Anyone need a quick reading? im practicing.

  • i cant d a full reading, since im still learning, but i can start with simple questions. just ask!

  • Hey Tonix3,

    Great, way to practice your skills..

    Are you using intuition or cards ?

  • cards

  • sorry for the short reply, my internet locked up! i am using cards, i feel im very intuitive (say feel because i am very new to this). but want to practice withe cards just to see what develops. let me know if i could practice with you!

  • hi! tonix3

    my name is tita..can you give me a quick reading?

  • I would really like your insight.

    I had a tarot reader tell me that my friend(G) will be Frank and Straightforward when we sit and talk this Summer. The reader also told me that things will go very quickly for us, and that I will have to make a decision.

    COULD you please tell me why things will go quickly...What will be the situation to prompt this?

    WHAT decision will I have to make??

    Myself: April 21,1973

    My Friend: June 30,1950

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • im waiting for you is it ok

  • also got a question.It about me (virgo)and libra guy.

    A little insight of situation maybe help you 🙂

    We are friends,but I want more, i I think he also.But he is oriented on some othres stuffs in life ,and he needs change in his life.


    so what do you see about our future?:)

  • Hi tonix3,

    you can also give me a reading ,If you like.My name is Sheila,Gemini..nothing specific,what ever you read.If you need a topic it could be about future career path.

    Thanks so much.

  • hi tita, if you can start with a question, i'll see what i can read.

  • is he the type thats into his finances? or somewhat materialistic? coule be he always wants the latest gadgets or is focused on money matters? asking because thats the first card drawn.

    if that rings a bell as him, then from the three cards i drew, i see him kind of thinking a lot about progressing on that level. i see him facing opportunity or thinking about opportunities and situations that have to do with money, not really relationships.

    based on these cards and your question, my feeling is that what is really coming between you and him are his personal life goals. he might just be exploring other people to see what works better wtih the "plan" he has in mind for his future. or the idea of what he wants to achieve.

    i say be patient, sometimes men really do need to check all their options. if its meant to go further between you two it will. but right now, i think it has nothing to do with YOU and HIM, but more unhappiness, or unsettled wiht the rest of his life.

  • oooops, the above reply was for LittleMissLove.

    Please let me know if it sounds about right.

  • also @ littlemiss. threw out a few more cards. i dnt think this is the guy for you. i see two different peple in your life, him and another. he has the "prize card" which is bvious that you think of him a lot, but the ne after has the heart, so i think very son, somene close in age, somewhat similar to him, but maybe a bit more laid back will come into your life. i believe that this is the one that you marry and regardless of his initial appearance, he seems to be a very powerful man, i see him as a dominant man with finances. so could be someone with their own business.

    but i definitely see a compromise as the last card.

  • @tita, very quickly, for you, i get a feeling of sadness or frustration or feeling trapped. either in work or home? this will balance out soon, there will be a change. you will have a bit more of a stable environment (again not sure if thats home related or work, but its connected to what you are feeling now). these changes will come through a boost in money. could be a change in work, or help with bills. dont want to give you the impression it will rain millions, but looks to me there is a change coming thats out of a financial gain.

    is this accurate?

  • hi sheila, i dropped a card shuffling the deck, so going to start with that one. i see you are thinking of going into your own business? or working on an independent project of some sort?

    i feel there will be a meeting and discussions. theres an authority figure, either a current boss or an investor? (depending where you are with your career right now). this meeting will work out in your favor. i see you walking forward with a prize in your hand (could be a raise??) this puts you in a place of creative and financial comfort.

    on the flip side, these same cards could signal a pregnancy. to me the sequence represents the evolution or "birth" f something you create. since you asked in regards to career path, i am looking at it from that perspective.

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi coffee gem

    personally, i can tell you theres ALWAYS going to be good news cming your way, but not sure if you were asking in regards to finances, but the cards i threw out are all about finances.

    i see lost of conversations, or ideas/words being thrown back and forth. i see this in regards to a partnership or these talks could lead to a partnership, could be personal life but i feel its more financial driven. theres the a huge prize out of it. not sure if you are going to literally receive the good news, but there will be an interaction thats definitely going to work out for you.

  • (please everyone let me know if anythings sounds about right, and more importantly if within the next two or 3 weeks any of this manifests. i really do want to develop my intuition here!)

  • Do not forget about me 🙂

  • pilot, is this friend someone you are romatically involved with? i see this person as giving you an ultimatum and the cards i drew are all love related cards. its either compromise (or commit?) or walk away. i see you more walking away from this person, but still facing them. i am guessing you are a bit unsure of how you feel towards this person. i feel they are stronger or superior to you in some respect, but they very much are focused on you. (sidenote, if this is about a relationship its very clear. the decision you have to make is either to move forward to the next level with them or not. however if this is NOT relationship related, then i would think someone is trying to sort of take u under their wing somehow) but its very clear in the layout, its either you flow witih them, or you walk away. i dont think its a small decision, i think it basically something that either you have chosen to ignore, and has built up in this other person, or something you have been hesitant about.

    i think you can always do what you feel and readings can really only help you weigh out your options. however, from what i see and feel, you and this other person will have conversations that are more ardent/cutting/contrary, and the last card is one of separation.

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