• And change the locks - he left and stopped paying his share of the bills, so it's your house now and he should ask for permission to enter it.

  • leinida,

    Thank you very much. I'll go back and re-read your post in that thread. I am numb, that's very true. I get spatterings of joy in between the numbness and sadness though, so that's a good thing. I thank you also, for your blessings and positive thinking! Blessings back to you xoxoxoxoxoxox

    Captain, I don't use a password! And if he is coming here, and looking at what I'm writing on the computer, well, he needs to see it. I'd just like notification that he is coming out and needs to come in the house while I'm not here; it's just a courtesy. Unless of course, I am simply getting a bit paranoid ...

  • Exactly Captain! I don't mind if he comes and gets his tools up the back in the shed; that's okay. I told him I didn't mind him doing that. But not to come in the house without letting me know. I wanted to ring him last night and growl down the phone, I can tell you!! But I have no real proof it was him and not me forgetting I'd done certain things, even though I know I don't usually do them

  • You will have to be careful that this situation doesn't turn nasty. But also Rodney was the one who chose to leave so he doesn't deserve any special favours or consideration. His coming and going as he pleases in your house shows his attitude to you is still the same way too. The child in him needs disciplining.

  • So I gather you're feeling that it has been Rodney coming here? I'm unsure myself, because I guess when someone's going through stuff, they get a bit topsy-turvy. However, I know I didn't turn that modem off, or turn that chair around.

    YOu don't think it's these mischievious spirits I've got here?

    I dunno ... I'd hate to think that of Rodney; I thought he had more respect for me than that.

    If not, then he deserves a paddywack!!

  • No I don't think it's the spirits...

  • Well it's funny, because I don't feel particularly invaded or threatened. Just a bit weirded-out that he hasn't spoken to me in a week. So many times I've gone to text him, but haven't ...

  • I think he's feeling guilty...

  • So he bloody well ought to! What does he think, I'm going to sit and be happy he hasn't bothered to even text and ask if I'm okay? It tells me he doesn't care a toss and doesn't want to talk to me at all, even though he was the one who said "no" when I asked if we should go the "no contact" way after he left. If he's guilty, well, he should know how to fix that.

    **calm down ... breathe ... ** ah dear ...

    But I've got to ring him tonight anyway coz I've got a phone bill of his here, and need to take my car to get my air conditioning regassed (a job he was going to do before he left me, but I chose to line up after his fiancee's "circle" and their bloody demands, more fool me). I couldn't face calling into his work this afternoon; so have taken the coward's way out and will ring instead 🙂

    When I think about it, I took second place to his fiancee's family once or twice (his father I never had a problem with; he's 80 for heaven's sake). I let him go; who was I to say I had a "list" of things I needed to have done around the place when I was working weekends? I felt he worked 40 hours and I didn't want to add to his basket. Again, more fool me. They sure didn't give a toss whether he was overworked or not.

  • Well, rang him and it's over. In a nutshell, I asked when he'd made up his mind about this, and when he was ever going to tell me. I told him at least I had the guts to ask, unlike him who didn't have the guts to tell me. I'm taking my car to him on Thursday; he can fix my a/c (which - as said - I'd put off), I'm not paying him a cent and eventually I'll find another mechanic. He can blow it out his toosh as far as I'm concerned, weak little a*hole. I also said that he really needed to make up his mind what he wanted, because if he buggers another one around, he'll be the one who suffers in the long run. Not my problem anymore. I also asked him why he hadn't bothered to get in touch with me at all for a week. His response? Busy. I said, well, if you're talking "friends', friends don't do that. I also said I didn't want to regret thetime I'd had with him, but his behaviour could go towards me doing that. All he said was "sorry". I said that sorry didn't cut it. End of story.


  • You deserve someone who is strong of will and who will make you their first priority.

  • I do. I took second place to my husband's job, etc. I gues though, I need to make ME first priority! After numerous wines last night I'm feeling a bit under the weather today and am not happy with myself for giving in to that bit of weakness ...

    He was so cold though. Even laughing here and there. I let him know I was in no mood for laughing; not yesterday anyway. Yet, a small part of me wishes it didn't have to end like this.

    I had a weird day at work yesterday too. I put this up on another thread, but can't remember which one, so if it's repeated, sorry!

    I work in Aged Care, and went into one of the residents' rooms who is sadly terminal. I was chatting away to him, then got the urge to tell him "it'll be peaceful; there's no need to worry, it'll be peaceful" I ran out of there like a scared rabbit, then went into the next resident's room. Was chatting to HER, when she said she'd had a dream that we were sharing a double bed, and that she'd accidentally hit me with her arm and, in her words, "the blood poured out of you"; then I was standing in the doorway and no-one would help me. She's just a little bit psychic this one, and I felt she was picking up on what was going on in my life. She said "life's tough" and I replied that yes, it could be, but we could alter out attitude towards it so it didn't have to be so tough. Then started to cry and ran out of there quick smart!! Phew, what a day :))

  • From what were you running?

  • I didn't want to cry buckets in front of her

  • That is not what made you run from the old man's room.

  • Well, I'm at a loss! You're meaning the one where I told him it'd be peaceful? Please elaborate, because, like I said, I'm at a loss. I think I ran away because I felt what I'd said was overwhelming. I don't know ... ?

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