Seeking Understanding & Insite/DREAMS! PLEASE!

  • I walked away from the one I asked God to send back to me! And it took three years. things were good, we talked a lot more often, texted , and went out twice before he relocated. I joined him a month later because I was ready for a new start. Things were ok until the middle of July came(Jun-the 1st week in Aug. have always been hard for me in love) things turn for the worst. After all the talks, tear and his fickle emotions lead me to shut down mentally emotionally and physically . There where a lot of issues I can admit but I begain to feel as if he never really wanted me inspite of the he was gentalmen. I could not take any more so I told him I was leaving , I packed, family came and got me but before I left He gave me a hug out of nowhere and told them told me "Sorry it didn't work out" and I told him I did not hate him....I still have mixed emotions (HEN. 12/2/1977 DANY 1/16/1981) BUT FORE OVER A MONTH I KEEP HAVING DREAMS fighting/him-sitting talking with him/his sis calling asking how Im doing/us lying in bed***ECT. WHY AM I HAVING THESE DREAM BACK TO BACK

  • I can only speak of my very recent break up. I have been told by him that it is over and he never wants to see me again... I dream about him often. This morning in fact, I was haunted by a sex dream lol why oh why. I feel that I excel in dream readings and I also have the majority of my psychic experiences through dreams. For me personally I believe that it is my extreme missing of this man that is giving me him in dreams. Could be a sort of 'supplement' or maybe it is because we will be together again someday. Only time will tell for both you and I. I guess I just felt compelled to reply because I'm having the same kind of difficulty and I understand the pain of waking from a dream and finding that the man isn't next to you when you wake. I am sorry. I hope you find peace. Focus and ask for answers in your dreams before you go to sleep and eventually your dreams should provide the insight you need.

  • Also, I may be able to give you some insight if you want to share the details of some of these dreams, some of the more confusing or troubling ones...

  • Thank you Spookykat I thank you fore sharing with me. I dont know my ex has had a very troubled past with family and other using him but turned out better than many others in his life. The has always been un stable,very fickle... one min he want the job,relationship,relocate ECT them the slightess complication he's ready to run. He got an attitude because I had a trainning offer that didnt pay,so I looked for others that didddd pay. He became unaffectionate at times off&on. Addmitted if he dont get way ...he can be selfish... foregetting when I moved in he had gas money and plenty to eat and one I got the job,help to pay bills. I feel he was envious of me because something he said as I was cursing and packing! "I dont have...blha" He lost what he could have had if it was not for his carelessness. I hope I can get a READING AT SOME POINT!

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