Need Someone to Help

  • I have been really close to my grandma all my life she took me in and took care of me. In October she had a stroke and was hospitalized the doctor said she wouldnt make it a week... a few days later she ended up going to a nursing home (Aspen Ridge) they didnt take very good care of her to the point where she got an infection in her blood and was sent to the 6th floor to die On December 4, 2011. Im desperatly trying to find someone that could let me know if she is okay where she is.. i have been really alone since she has died and have not come to terms with her death i think knowing she is okay would make me feel better.. i miss her so much. (or if anyone knows how i can find out anything about my grandma please let me know)

  • Ask Blue Moon, she will help you if you have time. They usually come to you in a dream. Don't cry for her too much because it binds them to this dimension they need Peace to move on, know in your heart that she is fine, there is no death, only transitions to the next phase of her journey. 🙂

  • Sorry I meant if she has time! 🙂

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