• Hi Shuabby

    I did appreciate your kind offer in my other thread and thank you humbly for it. I ummed and aahed about whether to accept it, because I know I'm in a very raw and vulnerable state and may not be prepared for what your insights are. However, I guess it's been such a rough few weeks that my attitude now is: why not? I can accept whatever comes,surely! Ah, who'm I kidding? I am so devastated about this recent "loss" and I'm searching myself to see where I contributed to it and how I can fix it in future.

    I miss him, but that's normal I know. However, it is like a deep ache that I don't think will leave me for a very long time. I truly thought I'd found the one I'd spend the latter half of my life with, but things had started going sour since May when he mistakenly thought I'd "mucked up" with a friend of his.

    I won't rave on anymore for now, but I am shaking my head and wondering why, even though a part of me knew it was coming.

    Cheers, and thank you again


    PS: There have been some insights about my house and the possibility of some "resident" spirits here who may be causing a bit of mischief. If you are able to see anything about this too, that would be appreciated. I'm at a loss as to how to cleanse the house of them in my current state too.

  • mOON50

    You will deal with your inner sorrow by going within in which you are doing at this time.

    I feel he is still around you and a brother and will cross over in just a short period of time. He may appear to you in a dream and give you a message that will release you from some of the pain that you now feel. I would personally suggest that you get some reiki treatments for this transitional time.

    You will not live your latter life alone my dear as I am being told to tell you that you will heal and begin to live life a new and when you do that there is a man and his name sounds like Clem to me that will be by your side as long as you want him there.

    Your house , I am being given the word attic here. Activity there seems to be loud at times and it is a male spirit that just likes noise and did when he was on the earthplane long ago.

    I see hardwood floors for some reason and there was a war fought there on the ground your house was build on and I see soliders that were killed and buried on top of one another.

    Perhaps where you have the most hardwood floors.

    You have your own power when spirits come around and bother you. Tell them to go away that they are not in the same demenion that you are in at this time and you are the owner of this home and want to live in peace in it. Talking to them or having a medium talk to them will help give them some understanding of the situation now. Sea salt your rooms and always the doorways and place a bible open on a table in the room you sleep in with a cross over the bible to help keep negetive spirit away and help you to sleep better, I had to do this when I lived in a haunted dwelling myself. When the ground is imprinted with spirit it makes it a tough situation for people living in the house build on it. I feel you need a very knowledgeable person to do a clearing and that is also why reiki would help you at this time. Play music and don't let derpession overcome you at this time. Life is like a comet at times and sends changes like the speed of light into our lives and this is what is happening to you now. Change after change will happen and you will move from this house and into a condo by water , again you will not be alone. I feel the South with you like the Carolinas in which you will be very happy there in a short time feels like a year to me.

    I wish you the very best and please know that this to will pass and when it does you will be very different inside yourself like more peaceful and knowing what you want more than ever in every area of your life. Please drink smoothing teas at this time and be gental with yourself. The name of Allen just came to me as I was signing off and will have important in your life.

    If you need my help. I am here.


  • Thanks so much Shuabby. It's funny as I'd posted up a thread about my relationship concern, and your response was my "over thinking" that was causing the doubt. Maybe it was his ... who knows? Anyway, here we are, finished.

    Some have said he'll come back once his grief process is over. I can't help but wonder how long will that be, as I'm not a very patient person and, at 50, am not getting any younger haha.

    I screamed at the spirits last night and asked them to please, let me live in peace and not to expect me to be happy living here alone for too long. Or, if they could please cease what they'e been doing and I'd be happy to live in harmony with them.

    It will be interesting if your thoughts about this "brother" in spirit sends his message. Even though it's only been two days since my partner left, I am feeling that this pain could overwhelm me. I am very sad today and very low in energy. But I will get a bible and put it in the room with me, except I don't have a cross and am not sure if I actually even have a bible!

    All I know is I won't be able to not see Rodney, as our paths always cross. He is also my mechanic and there is no-one else in town I trust to take my car to.

    I will have to try and find someone who practises Reiki and get that done. It has popped up quite often in readings here, so ... best not ignore that!

    I thank you very much for your time and energy. I am very confused as I feel that Rodney and I were meant to be ... even with this "bump" in the road. Still, nothing is carved in stone.

    I also don't want to be a pain in the butt who constantly asks this question and that of the same reader. It can be exhausting when they just don't "get it" and you feel like throwing your hands up and not bothering ... so I'm aware of that as I've had it happen myself.

    Many blessings are sent your way, and again I thank you so much 🙂




  • Shuabby,

    I had a thought after putting up my last post. The "brother" you saw, could this be my cousin who committed suicide in 2002? Although I feel he's reincarnated since his death, I was wondering if it still could be him, as I'd read somewhere that souls don't always bring their full soul energy into an incarnation.

    Thanks 🙂



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  • Hi again Shuabby

    I don't know if you're still actively giving readings at all, but I have a situation which has piqued my curiosity and wondered if you had any feeling about it.

    Some friends of mine want to try and set me up with a fellow who is a farmer near where I live. He's been on his own for quite a while now, and his mother has been slowly dying at my place of work. She's currently been relocated to a larger hospital, so will probably pass away there more than likely.

    You mentioned the name "Allen" as being important, and it struck me the other day that the husband of my colleague is an Allen. They want to pass on my phone number, and arrange a gathering at their place once things have settled down for this poor guy and his mother.

    I wonder if this might be the one you saw in your reading at all? You did say the name "Clem", but quite a few call this man "Ged".

    Was just curious! And of course, if there's a timeline, that'd be great too, but not too worried about that - I know timelines can be a bit difficult to predict.

    Thanks! Hope all is well for you 🙂



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