Shuabby, can I get a love tarot reading from you?

  • My date recently break off with me, stating that she doesn't want to be in relationship since she recently get out of one. And knowing that I'm looking for a relationship in the long run, she is not sure if she can commit to it + she is also seeing someone else.

    Long story short, she wants to remain friends, shall I do so expecting there's still hope in the future between us or it will be nothing more than friends?

    All our common friends, who knows her longer than I do, said she really likes me and we are great together. But her ex- cheated on her, and hurt her pretty badly, and she is in an unsure stage, and I must give her time.

    I want to remain friends eventually, but I'm afraid that if I continue to feed feelings to this connection, then eventually, i'll ended up hurting more.

    Can u give me some insight as to whether we should remain friends, and what you can foresee for my love life in the future?

    my birthday is 8/2/76, hers is 1/25/78. Tks.

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    Whenever you have time and energy to give me a reading.


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