• Every time I write your name I say to myself is that from your last name? It is a good name. I just wanted to say hi on this beautiful fall Sunday. I Love the fall. I'm in a creative mood so Im going to paint on canvas for the first time & start a quilt while watching "you've got mail" lol. Now I've only done one in all my 50ish years but it should be fun. I just don't ever have time for things like that. So I'm making time. 50 does that to us. Just wanted to have conversation today to let everyone know how much they are appreciated. I'm taking my Mom on vacation in a couple of weeks. It's long overdo & I miss her. Thank you for the help you have given me. You are an Angel & may many Blessings come to you. I wish you well ~D

  • Hi dmick59

    My screen name is from two loves of my life. My cats.

    I like you have started to be more creative. I have started a knitting class and it makes room for a seat in the craft group at church for me. I would love to go on a cruise and that is on my bucket list for sure. Have you ever taken one?

    I really like your blessing today of telling us how much you appreciate us here and the help we give . My mother is in assisted living in another state where my older sister and her husband live. We hope to visit her soon/ I hope you and your Mother have the best vacation ever. I'm making time for me these days. which I don't think I have done in quite sometime.

    I adopted a two year old female tortie cat and she is really a joyful little thing. She plays with her toys and makes me laugh, I hope my older cat will accept her and teach her to become a grand lady just like she is herself. I hope that Blossom the new kitty teaches Shu how to play again. You have a great week.


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