New to tarot need help with reading

  • Im new to tarot reading really hope someone can help me understand reading.I"ve been seeing this guy for 9 month tried to stop seeing him a few times but kept going back.I did a reading for myself with the question being (Is this realionship going to end) Did celic cross this was the lay out.

    1 postion knight of pent

    2 post page cups

    3 post 10 wand

    4 post 3 wand

    5 post 8 pent

    6 post 8 wands

    7 post 2 sword

    8 post 3 pent

    9 post devil

    10 post emperor

    Really love this guy but don"t know if he good for me.

    Thanks a bunch.

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  • hello everyone..I posted my celtic cross reading about 2 days ago as i said than im new to tarot reading I still do not understand what the cards are telling me.was hopeing someone could help me understand this reading.The question was( Is this realationship im in ending soon)


    1- knight of pent

    2- page cup

    3 -10 wand

    4-3 wand

    5-8 pent

    6-8 wand

    7-2 sword

    8-3 pent



  • Im new to CC readings too. I did some searching to figure out the meanings of the cards & positions. My reading hit the nail on the head. I was blown away. I never believed in tarot card readings. I didmine out of boredom. Hopefully what I found about the meaning on each card will help you.

    1- things are not progressing. moving slow

    2-emotional; wearing heart on sleeve; deep feelings

    3- feeling burden; pushing yourself to hard (*trying to make the relationship work)

    4- to take a chance and move forward; seek out new opportunities

    5- working hard; dedicating yourself; probably isolating yourself from others due to your focus on the relationship

    6- put plans into action; may hear important news soon; discovering the truth

    7- hiding true feelings; avoiding the truth; staying stuck

    8-finishing something you started (*finally letting go of the relationship) ; planning &completing a goal

    9-feeling hopeless; caught in an unhealthy, unproductive situation

    10-growing; gaining strength; establishing order(*in you life?)

    P.S. I have been in the same situation you are in now for the past 2 yrs. I really loved that person but knew in the back of my mind that this was something that wasnt good for me. I would continue the circle of leaving and going back. If only I had left him go along time ago smh. It may be hard to move on now, but trust you will be much happier in the end. Been there' done that. Good luck to whatever you decide!

  • Thanks for helping me understand reading.You right on target about what i was focused on.I leave but i always end up going back.It makes me very tired emotional. Sometimes it"s all i think about.Thanks again for your help.

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