How to break through a Capricorn's shell and develop a relationship?

  • I've dated a Capricorn male before, for about a year and it was wonderful... but I broke it off with him to see a Sag which I regret entirely. I find I just have SO MUCH in common with Cap men that they are irresistible.. except for one thing... they like to keep to themselves and I must always be the aggressor. It was fine with the other guy, B, because I never felt that I annoyed him but the current guy, M, I feel I just bother...

    Here's a little bit of some background so you guys can see what I'm dealing with.... I just moved for medical school into a house with 3 different apartments.... I knew the guy above me went to the same medical school but I didn't know what year he was... Turned out first day of class, due to assigned seating, we sit right next to each other.. and will continue to do so for the next 4 years. (CRAZY SMALL WORLD!) So he drives us to class, we go out to bars, and visit each other everyday. We've been having a ton of fun discovering our similarities and him teaching me new things but... when we were out the other night he told me he just cannot focus when someone else is talking (due to ADD) if he isn't remotely interested.... Which has just been lodged in my mind ever since... Now I just can't talk when I'm around him which isn't normal for my chatty Leo self.... It's really put a damper on me trying to get to know this Capricorn man and gain his trust. It's kind of obnoxious really... do I only have to talk about the things he wants to talk about?? Not fair.

    Any advice? I'm starting to feel that we just aren't compatible even though I would like us to be... when we get along, it is perfect, absolutely perfect but sometimes there is dissonance when he speaks of things I know nothing about (jazz, politics, etc) and he claims he only likes really classy women... which I'm afraid might not be me.

  • I'm really sorry for such a long post you guys - I just wanted to give you some insight into what's going on. I would REALLY appreciate any advice with Capricorns!

  • Ehhhhh forget it. This guy is too much work!

  • But any advice for Capricorns would still be appreciated for future reference!

  • If I may give some insight just with my dealings. The 2 are not a likely match or have much in common . Flashy (look at me look at me!) and a spot light hog is a big turn off .Not giving anyone eles the shine even when they have earned it You have to earn the Cap attention and respect , yes it takes work! Just be humble, real, and dont force it because can be BS sensed from miles away. I hope this help some what!

  • Bethany, what you are undergoing is the attraction of opposites. Happens all the time... When it comes to Cappy,s is all about the bottom line, about status and career and hard hard work. Leos are more about fun and chasing the leadership or limelight . Capricorn would provde the steady paycheck that the Leo needs to play..

    As UnluckyStarr said, unless there are strong support from other planets, Especially Moon and Mercury, I would advise you to find a nice Aries or another Sadge ... Of course without more detail about both your chart and his, the best rule of thumb is to stick to other fire elementals

  • Remember-Capricorns are so full of maturity. Thefirst thing you mst show is a high level of maturity.

  • Thank you guys for your insight! It was told by a few psychics already that he is someone I am going to marry and have a long long relationship with so I feel good about that.

    here are our other signs:


    Sun in Leo

    Moon in Capricorn

    Mercury in Virgo

    Venus in Cancer

    Mars in Taurus

    Jupiter in Cancer

    Saturn in Capricorn

    Uranis in Capricorn

    Neptune in Capricorn

    Pluto in Scorpio

    Gemini Rising


    Sun in Capricorn

    Moon in Sag

    Mercury in Aquarius

    Venus in Sag

    Mars in Aries

    Jupiter in Taurus

    Saturn in Capricorn

    Uranus in Capricorn

    Neptune in Capricorn

    Pluto in Scorpio

    Taurus Rising

    What do you think??

  • Whats interesting is that I've never met an Aries or Sag that I've found remotely attractive. I dated a Sag for awhile and it was just the worst. I normally am interested in Cancers or Capricorns it seems. Cancers have provided me with the most stable and wonderful relationships!

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