Recurring dream..need answers

  • All last week I had dreams each night about this guy. I was told that I know him from a past life. I'm just wondering what is the connection that I have with him and does he feel it too? My birthday 10-14-83 and his birthday 4-13-81. Thank you.

  • Yes this is a past life association - you were rivals or enemies in that life and still today you will take a combative or competitive stance with each other. The two of you are opposites in the zodiac which can be attractive but also means that you would not think the same or have the same attitude to life. You are both very dominant and sexual people and it would be easy for you to fall into an affair. For this reason you would be unable to maintain just a simple friendship. But any sort of covert or hidden activity between you would not suit you well since you both are honest and open people. So if one or both of you are involved with someone else, no love relationship will be successful between you. Most likely your dreams are trying to help you resolve any old past issues you still may have with this person. Marriage here can work out but it would involve a lot of compromise and the settling of past differences.

    I feel this guy may be aware of your past relationship on a subconscious level but I don;t feel he thinks about it consciously or would seek you out to establish a relationship.

  • Ok thank you, my issue with him is that we go in a circle with each other where we have been intimate before and then he wants to be best friends, but I don't see how we can be just friends, even if we are both dating other people. We are in contact often but it's mostly him trying to get me to do something and then I won't. I know that we are not compatible in a relationship, but he still drives me nuts and that's probably why I get stressed out and have the dreams about him. I wasn't sure if he was having the same issue? Haha

  • No he doesn't wish to seek a deeper or more committed romantic relationship with you. That is not what your past karma is about. It's just about making peace.

  • I know that about the relationship, he just wants to sleep with me and be good friends. We never fight, but I'm still not going to do that

  • It is fighting when you both want different things or are opposed to something in the other person's behaviour or desires.

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