Can I have a reading please

  • Hi could someone please do me a Reading. i have a lot of changes going on at the moment and im not sure im making the right decisions,

    my birthday 26/06/87 emma leeson

    thank you x

  • Hello Emma

    I'll try a reading for you.

    We begin with the Wheel of Fortune, and so right away I'm thinking the fortune for this lovely person is about to change for the better.

    Next to this card is a 3 of Wands, shows your valiant nature, calm reserve, and poise under pressure.

    And then the Star, which is undying hope, and yours is that for sure. Never fading.

    The Four of Cups appears to signify how strong your emotional foundations are, and how determined you are to love and live authentically.

    The Page of Cups portrays your trusting, childlike heart, you love to play, laugh, try, experiment, try again, above all - Risk! is your middle name. 🙂

    The Three of Swords, you have known both sides of the sword of love. Deepest pleasure, devotion, desire, commitment, and then you close your eyes and your dreams lift you away.

    Then the Four of Pentacles, that is solid ground under you.

    An Eight of Cups, so that seem to be another, more mature version of that Four of Cups we saw earlier.

    Then the Hermit, so that is something very creative! The "open, creative hand", and a deep romantic at heart. Combined with a divine, higher love union.

    The Queen of Pentacles, that must be you! Very certain, accomplished at what she loves to do. She carries that Star of ageless hope in her Heart. So you are experiencing that higher divine union. 🙂

    The Resurrection card, so that is a wonderful uplifting yes! After a while perhaps in the dark, questions, all of sudden you feel your body floating up, your life floating up, in something nice, and everything working out beautifully.

    Then the Knight of Wands, which seems to continue that uplifting nice energy right on forward!

    I hope that blesses you.


  • thank you astra

    i have only just seen your reply.

    could you tell me if you think my partner is devoted to me or has he in the past cheated. I read some things I know i shouldnt of and now it leaves me feeling low. I am pregnant with my partners child so i suspect my hormones are giving me hell to play.

    his DOB 14/03/78 Ian harding

    mine 26/06/87 emma leeson

    thanks xx

  • Hi Angelsdoexist,

    Hmm, I would rather not try to read about his past misconduct? We can look at where the two of you are at right now. You are both in the movies so that can be tough as you are both creative people and working with life itself from which to learn things you might need later in your art.

    So what that means is you may need to be feeling he has cheated to prepare for "role".... so in that case, yes, he has cheated on you multiple times and is even now trying to figure out how to climb out of your third floor bedroom window while you sleep to meet up with his secret lover haha.........

    I am sure he adores you like the Moon adores the Sun. I get only good feelings about you and him, nothing at all otherwise.

    I hope that comforts you? I am happy to draw cards and all that however I think you are probably right it is probably hormones maybe? I am a guy I don't know about all that exactly...

    Also I would not place too much emphasis on written notes, letters posts etc as he may be creating some fantasy there too, you never know. Sometimes people write bizarre things... to try and heal from some painful past... and lovers can be easily a dream as someone real...

    Love and blessings,


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