Lack Luster

  • let me just start by saying that I am normally a pretty happy person. Not a lot gets me down. Here lately however, I can't seem to pull myself out of this "rut". My work life is aweful. I normally take pride in my job, but now I'm looking for a new job. My dating life has always been a rough thing for me. Home life is just missing something. I don't know where this feeling is coming from. I feel a bit lost & need a new direction, but when I sit down to think of this new direction, I loose my nerve & start to think that I'm a failure. THAT IS NOT ME! I don't know where this person I have become came from.

    Could someone do a reading for me? I want to know where this failure feeling is coming from & how I can get back to the person I was before.

    My birthday is 11/02/1981

    My first name is Adrienne

  • Enne, i feel your energy drain is a vicious circle of you feeling down then not clearing the dark energy out of your aura and it buidling up more and more so that you are literally drowning in it. Do a visualization of cleansing all the dark negativity from you or bathe in sea salt or imagine white light surrounding you. Or do something fun or loving or positive for yourself, whatever works! Then next time you feel down, it will only be temporary and easily remedied since you are continually cleansing away the bad stuff and not allowing it to build up inside you. Everyone has bad moments but that is just to make us appreciate the good times, which always follow.

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