I found the strength to say goodbye, but still love him. Love reading please?

  • Would someone do a love reading for me please? I have had readings done before, but given this change in my situation, I would like to get an idea of how things might evolve. Thanks so much.

  • Hi ConfuCap

    Why did you say goodbye in the first place? I am not seeing that there was really a good enough reason to do so. Sometimes we can get mislead by the picture painted of love in movies, often depicting the couple torn apart over a lie, or some other outside influence, then coming back together later in life, or not at all. If you don't mind me saying so, I'm sensing that there was a bit of over-dramatisation that contributed to this breakup; a bit like those old movies. Also, I am being urged to tell you that it is not true that "love hurts". Love is only ever "replaced" by pain. Where there is love, there is no pain. Ego causes pain.

    I am not seeing that your relationship had to end as such; you'd merely struck a bump in the road that you both could've got over.

    I may have this wrong, but that's what I'm feeling about this.

    Hope this helps and makes some sense to you!



  • Hi Moon50,

    Thank you very much. He treated me with disrespect, which is usually his way of dealing with frustration and difficult emotions. Normally I would just ignore his outbursts and he would realise by himself that he behaved badly. This time I felt that I had had enough and that I would lose my sense of self-respect if I let him carry on. The thing is, I wasn’t even angry with him because I understood why he was behaving badly. Yes, I realised that I did overreact and I could have dealt with it differently.

    Is all hope lost for a reconciliation now? I miss him very much.


  • No, all hope is not lost. And he was the over-dramatic one, not you. You need to preserve your sense of self, and you have done that, considering how much he's hurt you.

    Sit in silence for a while, let the tears come, and you will then be guided as to what to do next ... which could be a simple as going out with some friends. Pick up your life for now, live it. Once he sees you are doing fine without him, he may realise what he's done.

    He needs to see what a silly dolt he's been, and you need to stop berating yourself for your reaction. When emotions run high, it's hard to be "calm".

    I wish you good luck!



  • I cannot thank you enough! This was the first time I have ever really stood up for myself. Thank you for confirming I did the right thing. I wish you much happiness and many blessings.


  • You too! Good luck 🙂

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