I am not sure what point i am at or what direction my life is going

  • It seems like my life is all in a mess. I have a job with average pay, one daughter at university, a man who provides financially but is never there. People that work around me that cannot be trusted. I know that some people have lots more to worry about than me. but it seems i cannot find one genuine friend who is around because they appreciates me for me.

  • outsmarted

    I understand how you feel about a man that provides financially and is never there. MY husband works long hours and when he is here , he is exhusted and sleeps, therefore the action I have to take now is to go out and make a life and circle of friends for myself, or be lonely. People will always try to show others their intelligence , sometimes walking other you to do so and really not even knowing that they are doing it. If you will start laughing that will really defuse them. Don't let others take your joy away from you. Don't give them that power.

    People do tend to not appreciate us at times, mostly family. Pray and ask that you find a good friend that will appreciate you , I myself do this and have so far found that it works.

    Have a Blessed Week


  • outsmarted,

    when u smile the world smiles with you, was a old song which frank sinatra use to sing, i believe, or could be mistaken, that song came to my head as i read your post,

    open your arms to the universe, and you will see many positives changes in your life,

    ask and you will be given, many of us, in this forum, have walk in your shoes at one point in our lives, shower yourself with plenty of love, you are the first person u have to love, bless yourself, your house, your food, , bless everything in your sight, and life, will give u plenty of rewards. leave all your troubles behind and walk in faith toward ur future,


  • Thank you

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