For Vettech78 from Shuabby

  • Vettech78

    I will answer these questions for you as you have asked for a life's reading and that takes a lot of time and energy to give.

    Question 1 I feel that they will not grant your appeal due to the time you have already spent in this quest for a career there. They have rules they proceed by and may not be able to grant appeals at the snap of a finger. You have not failed yet, and if you put forth enough effort than you will be very proud of yourself and pass with flying colors, therefore granting the wish that you want to be a VEt tech. We all have greatness within us, we just have to reach in and pull it out , it starts in the mind . I feel that you are overcome with everything that is happening in your life personally. Could you ask for a leave of absense from the school , and when you are more together in your life than go back and finish the schooling . This may be an option for you to consider at this time.

    Question 2 The homecare agency is to new to furnish you with the job you are seeking at this time. It will take another month or two before they would have a job for you. I hear the name of Margaret here that will be helpful to you in acheiving work. She may well be with another homecare agency that has been up and running for years and has jobs to give. I sense you going into a cream colored cement block bld and up 2 floors to an office to talk about a job , so this is an interview and it is close here , meaning 2-3 weeks. Smile, be very pleasent and do not overtalk is what I receive to give you in regards to this interview. I hear your phone ringing with good news soon. Let us hear about that.


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