Very unfair situation

  • My new boss is getting treated badly by a group

    Of workers because he would not do what they want. They want him to fire a lady because they do not like her, because he would not do it, they complain to the union for him and now he is under pressure. They did not even give him a chance to settle in the department before they start attacking him. Please let me know if you think things will be alright for him.

  • The union cannot remove a worker just because the other workers don't like her and they won't take action against the boss over such an issue. And if your boss cannot handle his employees and stand up to them when necessary, then he really shouldn't be in charge.

  • it is a very complicated situation because the people that is against him are his deputy and administration staff, they are vexed because they wanted the job as leader and did not get it. so they are not giving him the support that is necessary.

  • If they don't do their jobs properly, then the boss can get them removed - he just has to get tough with them. This is a test of his authority and willpower.

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