Help Needed

  • So lately. My father hasn't been acting the same and last night he said that him and my mother are going to split up. I don't know what is happening or what is going wrong. It's just out of the blue. And i'm not sure what is going. Can someone please help me out here? And last night I was out with a friend of mine taking some pictures around outside and there were orbs and I saw a face and some shadows in them..can someone please help me? It would mean alot.

  • You really need to sit down and ask your parents about what is going on and tell them that you are confused and need to know what will happen to you if the marriage falls apart.

    Orbs are fairly common spirit manifestations, often captured on film.

  • They seem okay now. I'm not sure what is even going on with them. I mean..things went from bad last night to good when my mother came home from work. I don't know if something has changed,but i've been sitting here thinking about what will happen if they do split up. But I have alot of doubt they will.

    I know,but this time it was really weird. I was hearing my name being called. My friend heared it too. Then something yelled mine and her name. And it wasn't a voice of someone I know. There are alot of spirts wandering around me I think..lately I feel like there's this negative energy around me. Thank you for your insight Captain. 🙂 It helps as always.

  • Talk to your parents about your fears for them! Otherwise you will worry yourself to death over something that may or may not happen. You know what they say fear is - False Evidence Appearing Real.

  • And the only negative influence around you is your own anxiety. Spirits are around all of us, especially those who are sensitive to them. Think instead of the really positive influences around you - the guardian angels and guides - and you won't be afraid.

  • Okay. I will talk to them. Thank you Captain.

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