Could someone please do a tartot (love) reading for me?

  • I believe (If I don't mess this up) that I have found someone I really care about... He is amazing.. I am literally amazed by him every minute of the day. Can someone do a tarot reading on my love life please?

  • I will, prob later today.

  • Thanks so much - Sorry for the typo in the title! That's what I get for posting so late 🙂

  • Any other reading would be great as well, not just love - if someone has time.

  • Will do one soon..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks so much!

  • LeoBethany, Several people here in your reading. Possibly 4-6 people. Over this reading finances, career, money--did you meet him at work. Does he possibly hold a management/ownership of a business--king of coins/emperor paired. This guy is in control. If I'm reading this right, you are being shown as a younger influence. I don't believe you're as tradional/conservative as he. Don't be sidetracked by illusion/desire with all that this situation has to offer--this is in the foundation of the present. Group setting in past. This situation arises from some education/work/project that you're in regarding him. You want to be with him and on the same path as he. This is the challenge here (chariot.) A need to/ or speaking-up/ being more vocal. There's a block with you or a fear to speak-up. Have you been hurt before. To the right of your reading it's talking about a new path or direction. The fool is shown next to the 10 of swords. New beginning from being on the bottom. The fool is in friends/assoc position but could indicate you as well. In advice and outcome is a young influence. Could be a more carefree time for you. Page of pents is also a younger type influence. Could possibly be another person. Could be you as more pragmatic regarding money/career. Have you been given an assignment at work. Is this guy older than you. The cards indicate this/perhaps it's the position of responsiblity he has. I believe you're being shown as a younger influence here.


    over--king of pents


    below--7 of cups

    situation--page of rods

    past--3 coins


    future--page of swords

    blocks--10 of swords


    advice--6 of cups

    outcome--page of pents

  • Thank you so much. I just moved for medical school and share a house with a man. He and I are both actually in the same year and also sit next to each other for the next 5 years through medical school. We will be working together for years to come. We are on the same path career wise.. and also he is older than me. He seems more dignified than me, more refined. I do feel quite muzzled actually at the moment. I don't want to say the wrong thing to him.. so I just don't say much at all. We get along so well when we have things to talk about but sometimes I find that he does look at me as a younger person who isn't as experienced as he is... That might be true in some things but not all. I definitely am not as conservative as he is, for sure.

    Thank you for the reading - I have been feeling confused as to what to do next with him and if this relationship will grow into a romantic one. I have been assured by 3 psychics that indeed it will, that he cares strongly for me and that his feelings are growing deeper... but that it will just take some time to get to know him better and prove to him that I care, etc.

    Thanks again so much! I really appreciate your help and your reading!

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