The Usefulness of Pendulums

  • Hi everyone,

    I wanted to start this thread on the usefulness of pendulums. I don't think many people know how simple and easy it is to use one and how much it can be helpful. Pendulums are small objects which swing, usually a decorative metal or stone object at the end of a chain. You hold one and allow the pendulum to swing of its own accord. It is great for yes/no questions or even divining other things, like find water or leading you somewhere. I think pendulums are great and I always have one on me, especially when I do my tarot readings. Does anyone else have any interesting pendulum stories or had any good experience using them?

  • I have never used them but those are beautiful!

  • Thanks Livingadream. Those are the ones I sell in my shop. I think pendulums are one of the most under utilized divination tool there is because everyone can learn how to use one. And I take mine everywhere with me. Sometimes I even use it for simple decisions if I'm having trouble.

  • I have a brass one, but haven't used it for zonks! Must get it out of mothballs ... I wonder if it'd help me find the buried treasure that's supposed to be somewhere around my house 🙂

  • Thanks Serenity for this post.

    Can you tell the best way to use it? Is there a way of getting just the truth from it?

    I have 3 pendulums, usually they are very accurate but some times they arent. I guess it depends on what we are feeling at the time, it can influence the pendulum.

  • Moon50,

    Pendulums are wonderful to help find lost things but they can also be frustrating because sometimes they can't tell exactly where it is, just where it was last seen. So you can run around in circles. Happy hunting 🙂

  • Mariapisces,

    Hi. The pendulums are as accurate as the person using them. Sometimes you can influence them, whether subconscious or not. Other times maybe it is best that you don't know the answer or even if you know the wrong answer - which might lead you in the right direction. Sometimes when the pendulum is wrong, it really isn't the's you. Or at least that is what my guides say and they are the ones controlling the pendulum. Because I am impatient I usually get the pendulum swinging which can lead to bad readings. I, and my guides, suggest that you keep your elbow on a steady surface, like a table, and allow the pendulum to start swinging be itself until it picks up speed. That is when you get the accurate readings. Oh, and one more thing, it is best if you take yourself out of the equation, if you care a lot about the question or really want something even though you are torn you will influence it. Try to accept the answer the pendulum gives you by not caring about the outcome, that way you won't fight the answer and accidentally or even intentionally swing it the way you want it. Although, if you know that you are influencing it, it is a good way to realize your own underlying emotions and work through them. Good luck!


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