Could someone do a tarot reading to answer some questions for me?

  • I have some pressing questions i would like answered if someone could do a tarot reading for me.

    1.)If I fail one of the lab classes at vet tech school, and i do an appeal so i can retake class out of pocket, will it be granted? will i be allowed to finish school so i can get my degree?

    2.) I got a job with a new homecare agency, when will i be able to start working? when will they find me a client in my area, in my schedule?

    3.) I live with my boyfriend, he is an over the road truck driver, it can be hard cause he gets to come home for a few days then has to leave again. And this company he works for pays hardly anything. So whats in the future for us? will he stay with this company for awhile? or go to another company? if so will it be more or less home time?

    4.) we are currently living with another couple and their child. The mom wants to live in a place of their own, as I feel the same, every woman wants to live in privacy with their man, be the woman of the house,etc.. So my question is when will my boyfriend and get our own place? and where? How?

  • Vettech78

    I will answer these questions for you as you have asked for a life's reading and that takes a lot of time and energy to give.

    Question 1 I feel that they will not grant your appeal due to the time you have already spent in this quest for a career there. They have rules they proceed by and may not be able to grant appeals at the snap of a finger. You have not failed yet, and if you put forth enough effort than you will be very proud of yourself and pass with flying colors, therefore granting the wish that you want to be a VEt tech. We all have greatness within us, we just have to reach in and pull it out , it starts in the mind . I feel that you are overcome with everything that is happening in your life personally. Could you ask for a leave of absense from the school , and when you are more together in your life than go back and finish the schooling . This may be an option for you to consider at this time.

    Question 2 The homecare agency is to new to furnish you with the job you are seeking at this time. It will take another month or two before they would have a job for you. I hear the name of Margaret here that will be helpful to you in acheiving work. She may well be with another homecare agency that has been up and running for years and has jobs to give. I sense you going into a cream colored cement block bld and up 2 floors to an office to talk about a job , so this is an interview and it is close here , meaning 2-3 weeks. Smile, be very pleasent and do not overtalk is what I receive to give you in regards to this interview. I hear your phone ringing with good news soon. Let us hear about that.


  • thank-you for your reading. so you dont think they will grant me my appeal? cause thats the best chance i have. this quarter is almost done,finals next week! actually i would have to look at my current percentage and see if its even mathematically possible to pass at all, even if i got a 101% on final. If im not granted an appeal then im dismissed from the program and i will owe the %30,000 no matter what. So this means im doomed financially for rest of my life? stuck with $400 a month payments i cant afford, working a minimum wage job forever?? 😞 do i just ignore the loan bills and get deeper into debt? if this loan goes into default, i will not be able to get another loan for education in the future. so ill never be able to get college degree or a career. a leave of absence is not an option cause if i fail im out of program,period. appeal is last my last chance. i cant believe this is happening to me, this was my dream, i really needed this. I cant survive on minimun wage anymore, in doing so im not able to save money, invest, achieve many of my goals i have for myself. not to mention being stuck in jobs that are unfullfilling and I hate. i know im smart and capable enough to be a tech, but i havnt had the advantage of other students who are already in the field. so is being a vet tech in my future? as for my job, i dont understand why they dont have anyone for me, and they are not a new company, they have been around for decades, and they are one of the largest, busiest homecare agencies in the state! you said in a few weeks ill be working? what do i do in the meantime, im broke, i have fines,bills due soon, i have deadlines that have to be met, no exceptions. if i start working in few weeks, it may be too late to come up with money i need in the next few months. what about my boyfriends job? what do you see coming for that? he has been gone for a week now, he was suppose to come tonight and leave again on monday, but his boss didnt want him wasting gas, so he told my boyfriend and his friend to just spend their day off at a truck stop. so they not coming back til next weekend!

  • We here at do our very best to be available and help those that come here with life questions. No reader is 100 per cent accurate because after all you need to leave room for faith and destiny to have their say in your life also. We have helped you time and again here and I feel you are ungrateful.

    You made the choice to go to this school and now if you fail you will have to take the responsibility for your decision of staying and acquiring debt. I thought you said you had signed on with a new company for home healthcare which does pay a good salary, as my mother did that for several years.

    Life is just simply a learning experience, one in which we do not always succeed at what we think we want because there just may be something better down the line for us if we get out of our own way. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.


  • I am truly sorry if I made it sound like Im ungrateful, cause I do appreciate it. Im just frustrated cause I stressed/scared about my future, and I hate surprises. People on this site, my friends and family have offered me really wise and quality advice. Much of which I have told myself a long time ago. I have a pretty good idea as to what needs to be done and so on. I guess my biggest questions are "what is going to happen as a result?" so when it comes to tarot Im looking for a glimpse into the future more than I am for advice. I know what I need to do to be successful, I just would like to know if its going to work out in my favor. You are correct no reader is 100% accurate. this where Im a little confused about divination. my pastor disapproves of me using tarot cards,. "i made the mistake of telling him I have a deck" he says that only God knows our future, that he has a plan for us, and its for only Him to know and us to find out. that if we knew our future then it would change it. but who knows, im christian but I also believe in tarot. It seems my cards have worked so far for the most part. I have nt done my own readings in awhile,dont like to do my own. but they are spot on when i do others readings. I guess my goal in tarot is to answer specific questions about my life. When I do my own i take a piece of paper and write down questions and produce a spread that way, so I get specific clear answers to my questions. Being a scorpio, Im have a tendency to look for cold,hard facts that are clear and precise, as opposed to vague concepts. again Im truly sorry if I seemed ungrateful, its just hard not knowing what what my future holds for me.

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