• I am wondering if, on the tail end of my relationship ending, I will eventually decide to move from my rented farm to somewhere closer to town?

    I don't want to really, but don't know if I can manage to keep looking after the place on my own, as well as work.

    Thanks in advance!



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  • Hope someone sees this post and responds.

    Meanwhile I tried reading for you yesterday and today again ,and each time got a surprising answer.

    Things are not as bad as you think. Archangel Michael assures you of a favourable outcome.That is the angels are taking care of this situation and it is already resolved in a way you dont understand right now. Michael also says take your time making this decision.No need to make any changes at once. Uriel also says your emotions are healing and a lot of toxins have been surfacing for clearing. Continue this process of self clearing and cleansing with energy work and healthy life style choices. Above all drop those heavy burdens, let spirit take care of you. Rest , while staying vigilant in terms of your mind,.

    Any legal issues like leases, contracts , arrangements will go favourably for you.

    The cards indicate travel and change of residence after a while but not immediately.

    Sedna came up in the Goddess spread to assure you that youir needs are supplied for. Perhaps you do need to go the sea side for a holiday. "Swim with the dolphins' is the picture on this card.

    you have the strength to see this through...

    Love and Light

  • Thank you Suramya. This makes a lot of sense. I have been shedding lots of tears, and feel overwhelmed with tiredness and sorrow lately. However, issues I suppose I had not grieved properly for have been coming to the surface and I've cried buckets over them. All this has happened over the course of last night and today!

    As to the house, I'll sit on that one for a while. It's a kneejerk reaction I think, caused by fear of going back to being all alone on the farmhouse 🙂

    A part of me feels Rodney will be back, but it still makes me so very sad that we have to do this. It is not just him who needs to work on past issues, but also myself. I never gave myself the chance to let it bring me down; I had too much work to do initially, plus adjusting to being separated. That could be where the tiredness comes from. Plus too much smoking and too many wines ...

    I swing between hope and despair; for both me and Rodney. I wish him happiness and peace as well as myself and hope we can achieve that. If not together, then apart it'll have to be. And I realised today that I've been "missing" him for weeks, as he pulled away from me much, much earlier than this week. And me him too maybe.

    I'm tired of loss. I'm tired of sadness. part of me wishes I could have Rodney put his arms around me ... but it's not to be; at least not now.

    Thank you friend

    Love and Light to you also


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