A nod or stop sign needed please

  • hi everyone, I have a question that's been nagging for a while. should I follow the rough dirty hard road full of obstacles or keep going on the sealed easy path. I know deep I my heart really what I hold do, but I don't know if I'm yet strong enough. How to gain strength? Can anyone offer me some insight or feel some message for me. Thank you in advance.


  • The sealed easy path isn't all that easy, though, is it? It tears at you inside and makes you feel bad. It feels wrong. Hard roads are difficult at first but once you get over the initial hump, they can bring you happiness and freedom.

  • Thank you captain, i really know that i should choose the difficult path, i just want reassurance that i should go for it and everything will be ok. i have to think of my young children in this as well. the difficult path is for ME as a human and the kids may suffer a little , the other is to benefit the kids and slowly kill my soul, . Just want to take a risk and make a new frsh exciting start.

    thank you for your reply

  • Kids are very adaptable and when their parent is happy, so are they. Likewise when you are miserable, so are they. And you cannot hide your misery from them - kids are very sensitive and smart.

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