HELP with a Scorpio Man - From a Cancer Woman

  • Hi all - I've posted here before and again I am frustrated and need some viewpoints. I am still with my Scorpio man (or maybe not after today)....

    We have gotten IMMENSELY close - we are best friends and I've come to see and meet his demons. From the car accident in his life 10 years ago, he's got memory and traumatic brain injury effects that have gotten MUCH better over the past 10 years, but random temper flares arise and irritability happens. Now that we are that close, he feels comfortable expressing these issues to me.

    He is still at major crossroads in his life, lots of things up in the air for him, but he has repeatedly been there for me, helped me move into my new home, involved me deeply in his daughter's and parent's lives, and has become such a deep part of my life that I can't imagine it without him, and vice versa.

    Because of his past, there is a lot of pain and untrust in general. But he's done his best to show me I am the only one he's loved, that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, etc. His actions show his love, and the words, when he DOES express them, are astounding.

    Yet, when his dark moods hit, I am the one he pushes away. I am the one that bears the brunt of his pain. He'll call the relationship off, tell me he doesn't need me, doesn't want the responsibility of a relationship...But things are SO BEAUTIFUL when they are in line. We are truly a bonded couple and things are so effortless.

    He's been really stressed this week - we came back from the Labor Day weekend away out of state and jumped back into the routine of work. He's in school as well (we are in our 30's) and has a lot on his plate. This morning he was really frustrated about a few things and lashed out at me in frustration, and called off the relationship again. WHY? There is not another woman, etc. I don't demand anything or ask much of him at all, I swear. I am happy just doing a puzzle with him with a movie, sitting outside by a fire, etc. Why is it me that has to deal with his wishy washyness? I mean, if you're in a bad mood, just tell me you need some time alone and you've got it! What can I do? UGH.

  • Oh, and here's what I know of our charts -


    Asc: 27 deg 34' Cancer

    Sun: Cancer

    Moon: Scorpio

    Mercury: Cancer

    Venus: Cancer

    Mars: Virgo

    Saturn: Leo


    Asc: 28 deg 57' Libra

    Sun: Scorpio

    Moon: Capricorn

    Mercury: Scorpio

    Venus: Libra

    Mars: Sagittarius

    Saturn: Libra

  • Any thoughts anyone? We took a night apart (should have been 2 or 3, but he came after me)and talked the next day, in which he blurted everything on his mind, and we continued to talk and in a nutshell, he's overly stressed and torn between school, work, and physically just exhausted. I feel like he thinks he's too dependent on me. He gets overwhelmed and needs alone time, shuts down, and then realizes he wants to be around me, so he checks in and we get together. It's when he's in these times of solitude that it gets confusing. I'm a "heart on my sleeve" Cancer. If there are issues, I want to hash them out NOW and I never hide my feelings. HE on the other hand has to hang out in his room, watch TV, fix a car, and ignore me. I just don't GET that! Grrr....

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