Dear blmoon

  • hi there, in response to your post to me about me possibility of flunking out of veterinary technician school. you had mention that if i flunked i could possibility get position as a vet assistant. the issue with that is you have to go to school to be a vet assisstant, and get a diploma in that. which is a seperate program, i cant use my experience at the veterinary technician program to become an assistant. even though assistants are below techs! i know it doesnt make sense, but thats the laws,regulations. and now this field is starting to do away with assistants. directors,teachers and big names in the business feel there wont be vet assistants anymore in the coming years. because its easier/more economical for vets to hire just techs, cause a tech can do everything. alot of clinics did away with their receptionists and just make the techs answer phones,schedule appointments as well. techs in the field now say they have huge workload, doing everything. there are many procedures techs can do that dont even require the vet to be there at all. one tech i know said the doctor went on vacation for few days and had the techs run the show. techs can do injections,blooddraws,catheters,x-rays, run blood tests,iv fluids,anesthesia,etc.... the only things we cant do is prescribe narcotics,make diagnoses, and surgery. (well we are allowed to suture,close them up after surgery. whether i graduate or not i have to pay back the $30,000! i cant make the monthly payments if im not in the field making the $ that a tech would be making. ill would have no choice but to ignore the payments, but then ill go into debt worse! inned to get my credit good again, i cant even get fiananced to get my teeth fixed. im already missing several of front top teeth, and the rest of them are getting worse! this new homecare company i got hired at are saying they dont have any clients for me right now, that are in my county. i cant afford gas, and my car is on its last legs, to drive 45-hour for work. i need to work,like now! my mom is paying my cell,car insurance,but she is broke and isnt sure how much longer she can do it, but i cant go to school or work without a car or phone. my boyfriend is an over the road trucker, and his current boss is ripping him off, making peanuts for trips to california,dallas,etc.. so he is struggling as well.

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