• hi there i just saw/remembered you did a reading for me couple weeks ago, it wasnt anything really detailed, kinda vague. it said good things for work and school. which would be nice since those 2 aspects of my life are awful right now! flunking school, and this homecare company is finally ready to give me a client but they are saying that they dont have anyone in my county or time frame! i cant afford the gas to drive 45-60min to work and my car is on its last legs and i have classes at 6pm so i have to work around my schedule. what you were saying before, that if something is meant to be then it should be a breeze. wel il actually thought it was just the opposite! the greatest accomplishments people have made werent not a easy road. nothing comes easy in life, especially major goals and dreams. relationships,careers, major goals all take alot of hard work, challenges ,setbacks and struggles.

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