• My relationship is over. My partner said earlier this evening that he wanted to "call it a day" between us, and even though I've known it was coming, I feel let down, gutted and simply over relationships. Those of you who have said I should be a life coach or relationship counsellor, thank you so much for that. But I hardly think I'm an example at the moment!

    Still, Spirit sends you these trials because they're necessary for your own growth. At 50, I feel I still have a lot of living to do. But right now? I just want to cry and sleep. We still love each other, but it has to end because neither of us have been happy for a while now.

    Spirit send us the healing we need. Help us to get through this. Thank you for always being there. I am, always, your humble servant.

    I pray to my Guides and Spirit to give me the emotional strength to overcome this and come out the other side happy and whole. It's what I need. And I wish the best for him.

    That said, I am sad. Very sad.

  • I am so sorry to hear about this Moon50 😞

    I guess just be thankful that it happened (neither one of y'all have happy for awhile) because remember what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Your emotional strength will be restore and you will be whole again. Do all of the crying that you need just do not let this consume you, keep you self on the road to happy and recovery. I hope your journey will go well for you. I will pray that the rest of your day goes well.

    Love,light and blessings 🙂


  • Thank you Asia. Yes, sadness needs to happen for now. Loss and endings are never easy. It's been coming for a while, but I'd hoped that I was wrong. I'm sure my life will turn out well, and his. I'm lucky to have had him in my life; as lucky as I feel sad to lose him.

    Onwards and upwards though 🙂 It's the way it has to be ...

  • Moon50, be strong dear. it's not easy to find words that could bring comfort in such moment. i only hope your soul will 'smile' soon. Wish you all the best.

  • Thank you moonalisa xoxoxoxoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Moon Im so very sorry honey. Just want to let you know that you deserve the best in life.

    Sending you a big hug and prayers

    take care love

  • moon,

    i will pray and ask god to give u a million blessings, you are such a great person u deserve nothing but the best,

    love and light,


    watch alot of comedy,

  • A beautiful song to help you look forward as you cry.

    "And even though I feel the pain,

    I know I will love again,

    The time will come,

    And I'll move on"

  • Links don't work?

    A long, long way to go

    by Def Lepard.

  • I am so sorry to hear that, Moon. I certainly understand how you feel right now. Please take good care of yourself. If you wanna cry, then cry. no need to hold it back. Time is the best healing medicine. Stay positive and be happy. Love will come when your not looking for it. I wish you the best. your a good person, and you definitely deserve one good man to treasure you. Bless you!

  • I really am sorry to hear this about you , I wrote To you earlier about your asking for Soul mates first letter in their name . I really understand how you must be feeling and I will pray and talk to Arc Angel Michael to bring you comfort . My post was to tell you just a a little more about my situtuation NOT KNOWING this about you until just now. I feel a kindred spirit to you , like the others have said

    Go ahead and let the emotions run their course. You are strong very wise and Angelic. ... "A"

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