• Hi dmick,

    I posted this up in the other thread of mine where you'd thought you were being insensitive (which you weren't by the way; I'm just all over the place at the moment). It seems you might not have read what I'd posted for you, or you have been away from the computer for a couple of days. Irrespective, I thought I'd put this up for you:

    "I consulted my angel cards, and asked them twice, what Charlie's purpose in your life is, and both times the cards presented with "soulmate". So ... that should make your day!

    However, remember that often soulmate pairings can take a while to become more than friends. There is usually a feeling of being very drawn to each other for reasons neither can fathom. It is a case of going with it, and not forcing anything.

    Good luck! "

    I hope this makes your day, or at least, gives you an answer. A part of me wishes I could receive such good news myself, while the other is as happy as that this is the answer I got for you :))



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  • Sometimes, we choose to stay in a marriage because it is the right thing for us at the time to do so. Believe me, if the time ever comes when you really do need to leave your marriage, you will know when that is because it won't let up on you. This is what happened to me with those dreams in 2009. They were relentless and I knew if I could feel like that about a "dream" man, then I was best to leave what was really, a loveless marriage and one where I'd been living a lie for far too long.

    Of course, much to my disappointment, being with this dream man in the real world never happened and I had to learn to let go and get on with my life. That was hard, and it felt like a huge ache deep in my soul that never quite went away, which is why I still think of him every day I guess ...

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  • Yes. The whole soulmate issue is one of complexity and contradiction I find. But I suppose if one keeps in mind the butterfly thing (if you let it go and it comes back, etc) then that parallel can make it easier. Having said that, not only did I lose the friendship with this guy at the time, I also lost the dreams. That was a soul death, in and of itself. I'm not one to say "never", but did give up. Weirdly, I never laid eyes on him until over a year after I left my husband (never spoke to him) and that was hard. It's easier now, because we're back on talking terms, so I'm grateful it's progressed to that at least.

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  • I'll be honest, I feel like I grieved for my marriage while I was still in it. There was so much ego, pride and it was all about him. I'd fallen out of love with him years before, but didn't realise I had; I thought that was normal, considering my parents had a largely loveless marriage.

    As for my dream guy, well, we texted each other really, with the odd phone call. At one point he asked me for a reading - very unlike him - and I did a mail reading for him, rather than face to face. He told me it was 80% correct.

    But after what happened just before I walked out on my marriage, that all pretty much stopped. There was the odd text, but they came from me and often he chose not to respond. I wrote him a letter trying to explain my side of what happened (there's more to this story) but never heard back from him. So I gave up.

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