Are you out there Shuabby?

  • I have a few things I like a reading on. 1st is money/job. It has taken me 5months to get into this company(so many delays that werent my fault). this homecare company is now saying they dont have a client in my county and time scedule right now. i need to work! i owe my mom $ for car insurance,cell phone,etc.. and she cant afford it anymore,but i need those things 2 go2 work,school. Im living with my boyfriend right now, and he is supporting me, giving me gas $,etc.. but he is struggling too. when am i going to start working? i cant wait anymore! i have fines/bills due in next few months, and these have to be paid no exceptions! Now as for college. Im currently failing one of my labs in veterinary technician school, if i dont pass it im out of the program! ill have a $30,000 bill i cant afford if i dont become a tech. then all the time/money will be a waste. whats going to happen? it isnt looking good as to there is only 2weeks left and not likely to be able to catch up. This is my dream, my future, my way out of the poorhouse. as for my love life, its going ok, no major issues with my guy. the only tough thing is he is over the road truck driver, which has him on the road alot, and i miss him, and wish we could have more time together for quality time and physical intimacy. but I love him, and understand his need to make a better life for himself and me. and he does like driving to different states. but will we ever be able to go on adventures together? to go places,do things together? I know making a living is vital but what about living life and having fun? will we ever get a break? we got to go the air show on labor day, we really couldnt afford it but we desperately needed that time alone together and have some fun. it was awesome, then he had to leave right afterwards. he and his friend(our roommate) came home late last night but they were called to leave again this afternoon, and should be back sometime next week. and they will be home for couple days. im staying strong, praying alot and hoping for things to get better. nothing seems to be going right these days, no light at the end of tunnel, when are things going to start improving? we are so stressed,tired.

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