Born on the 20th - Deep Anguish

  • I recently read a numerology book (Numerology: A key to human behavior) that talks about a person's "psychic number." It is calculated by the day you were born on... So my psychic number (or subconscience personality) is a 2 (2+0=2). The number 2 is associated in Vedic numerology with the moon. I have a very watery like emotional nature - that is governed by the moon phases. Here is a quote from the book:

    "Two combined with zero makes 20, a number of impatience. These people are generally impatient, nervous, dependent and quick changing. Zero adds responsibilities, which will tire these psychic number 2 people...

    They are tender and emotional like other 2s, but they are more cooperative, loving and caring. They do not get properly rewarded, however, for thier efforts and loving care. They experience unnecessary delays with their projects and suffer from anxieties and disgust. Thier married lives are not very succesful, and they neglect their family members and relatives."

    Earlier in the book is talks about the moon placement in the natal chart and if it is in a good position things run smoothly, but if is in a bad placement (like my Pisces moon opposite Virgo Sun) the quick changing emotional nature of 2s bring about mental agony - finally it says "Those born on the twentieth of any month feel this mental agony very strongly..."

    This is dead on: I feel like hell because my concern for others goes completely unnoticed. This is even worse because I can barely function as a human, but I am continually relied upon for solice and comforting. Plus I have a really hard time with focus in all areas of life because of my changing tempermant

    Anyone else experience this?

  • I think as human being beings we all suffer in different areas of our lives. I sympathize that you are taking this book to heart. Or am I misunderstanding something? Be careful of what you read is all I am saying. That was insensitive I feel for someone to say. Did they say anything positive? Try to find positive things about yourself to focus on. There are other things to consider when doing numerology as you may already know. Also lets not forget that God made you the way you are for a specific purpose . You are special and important to God . Which is way more important than anyone else view. You may need to set boundries if people are depending on you too much. Then you will feel more in control of yourself and less drained emotionally. Best wishes to you.

  • Right, no doubt about the Creator shaping our birth elements for a certain purpose... I mean their is a positive aspect to the number 2. The zero factor is where I am confused.

    Though I appreciate Mr. Johari blunt approach to numerology. I've just always felt like I have been a little 'picked on' by life... Totally misunderstood - or like if it is okay for someone else to do something, people would condemn me for the same actions.

    At least I can say the frustrations and lack of progress are not because I am not trying to better myself, but simply a cosmic factor beyond my understanding and control.

    Another factor in this all I believe has to do with my First Pinnacle: 11. This causes a rather unstable emotional being... You are just so sensitive to everything and because of this there may be a lack of focus in where life is leading you... As if once you finally set your mind on where you fit into society you are blown out of the water and have to question your intergrity all over again...

    Such is life, but thank you for your concern...

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