How to read this..

  • I'm new to tarot and pulled 3 cards to find out what energy is around me.

    Death, 4 of Wands, and Lovers is what came up. Can someone tell me if I'm right in reading this as major change is occuring. This change is going to be wonderful and will result in balance and harmony in my life. Thanks!

  • Hi Di,

    While I'm not overly practised at Tarot, but lean more towards the psychic, I will relate what I feel this spread means:

    Death means a major change; you have that right. The change will be more within you, rather than outer circumstances. A major shift in perspective and attitude is coming for you. I feel you are a soul who has kept your light under a bushel, so to speak, and that you need to shine it out in an effort to make the world a better place.

    The 4 of Wands usually signifies a period of rest and celebration after a phase of hard work. This could signify your own personal celebration for the shift that occurs through the Death card mentioned above. You will reap the rewards of your hard work in other words.

    The Lovers comes up more as a phase where you really appreciate who you are, and have finally seen how loveable and valuable you are. You have been struggling with this, and as a follow up to the 4 of Wands, you will again reap the rewards of your internal work. You are tireless and a warrior in all things of true meaning in life. Because of this, I feel you have "scared" off weaker men who are threatened by your absolute courage and honesty in love and intimacy. This has paved the way for you to experience true love, not the sort that comes and goes, but a love that is lasting. This sort of love always begins with the self. It is through this that lasting, nurturing love comes from another soul.

    This is all good! I feel nothing but joy coming for you, and through that joy which will shine out of you, you will attract people into your life who reflect and enhance it. You have a bit more of a struggle to go through for the remainder of this year, but yes, the new year shines brightly for you.

    Christmas will be a time of reflection, rest and celebration.

    You will finally fall in love with your equal, and it will be lasting.

    So in a nutshell: your interpretation of your spread, as far as this humble soul is concerned, is correct! ENJOY!!!!!



  • Thanks for your help!

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