Having a hard time reading my own tarot about this situation

  • I am having ahard time reading my own tarot concerning a certain situation between a friend and I. Would anyone Be willing to do a reading. We have been friends back and fourth over the past 8 years and this past time he has yet to tell me why he is acting the way he is so I was trying to maybe see if someone could help me understand his actions since my reading is very muddled. Maybe an overview and perhaps how to help solve it. I am completely lost with what to do and confused.

    Thanks in advanced! Much appreciated.

  • I did a reading for you, I pick up on your feelings to help you understand so you can look at it from a different perspective.

    Your feeling change and conflict,

    the guy your thinking about is can be charming.... but also domineering

    either your thinking about a new job or skill or your starting to learn a new skill

    to one of your questions... you had a setback that requires courage.... you have the strength in you know that you are strong

    It seems you just lost a friend.. I don't know if backstabbing is the right word.. but something was up

    You will take the high road of what’s right... you have the strength in you

    The reason I say that is if you wallow in pride, it will only bring you down.. be positive and accept positive energy back

    You had a bunch of obstacles to overcome, you will win but it costs you to get thru

    The reason for all the confusion is because you felt trap or confined...that lead to not being able to make a decision....what do I do... in circles... again though it wasn't straight forward for you to read something was done behind your back...

    I get the feeling of loss of friendship, be careful, keep your wits about you

    The good thing is once you understand what’s going on you will feel better and that will allow you to start new.

    you have a lot of emotions flowing thru you, look into your heart and that will allow you to see clearly. Deal with the situation, don't wallow that’s important. The storm leaves you calm and you will sail again.

    hope that helps

  • Yes there was a loss of friendship between this person and I and he told me one thing but I don't believe that is what really the reason was. He accused me of something that I didn't do.

    And yes I have had a problem with a choice, but I already made it concerning him and it seems he isn't happy with any choice I make concerning him. He wanted to remain friends and that how I treated him like a close friend and he got upset so I have no idea what he wants because he can never voice it and if he does I feel it never is the truth because he doesn't want ot really say what is botheirng him.

    I am guessing i just want to know if I will ever reconcile with him and if he hates me and why?

    I have my ideas of what is really bothering him but I have a hard time believing them when i think he has pretty much pulled this same crap on other lady friends in his life so I have ahard time believing 'I am the only one' line.

    He is very frustrating and I can never figur eout how to deal with him.

  • To me he was the storm... keep moving on and learn from the good and bad that you went thru. I am glad you saw that something was up, I did get a feeling of not being truthful. Remember time heals wounds and I wouldn't worry about it; you didn't have the full truth to the situation.. that's where the back stabbing or going behind your back feeling came in. The charm he has may pull you in but the baggage that comes with him, is it worth it? So I would say continue on live and learn and make the next experience better.

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