Capricorn Cutie & Libra Lady

  • I have been talking to this guy online, text, and phone for a couple of days. So far, lots in common, and there is some chemistry already. First date is on 9/8 7pm. I have this horrible feeling that the chemistry will be gone once we meet. I so dont want that to happen becuase he seems great so far. My bday, 10-11-1980, his bday 12/22/1979. Will this work out? Somebody, anybody please!

  • Everything I've read about these two signs indicates they are opposites in many ways. Including their elements; Earth and Air. But don't fret! Opposites attract! And in this case it's not so extreme... in fact, I think your differences will likely compliment each other. Libra is charismatic and easygoing, Capricorn is stable and determined. Pick up on some of that determination and go for it! Utilize your Libra charm and you will end up with a very grateful goat.


  • Thank you Honey Badger, like you I've always read our two signs as opposites, and I even had a best friend that was a capricorn and that friendship ended badly. But hopefully like you said, we will compliment each other. Thanks again, love and light.

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