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  • “The Window”…9-6 through 9-12…2012… and The Mission…

    Why I am calling this period of days, “The Window”? It has felt to me, for some time now (weeks, months?) that this 9-9 window was the most potent of the three windows, 9-9, 10-10, 11-11, prior to the 12-12. There is no “evidence” I can present to you about this. There is nothing I can say to prove it. This is simply what I have been “feeling”. And it’s been a pretty deep “feel”.

    Also I have been getting this “in your face” passion calling, or desire, to go to a particular place for this 9-9 window, for some time as well. This “going to a particular place” deal is what I often call a “mission”. To BE in that place… to DO something in that place… and/or to LIGHT UP something within or around or via that place. It’s always a very deep calling. And it’s always a very deep Joy that does the “calling”. So I have made arrangements to BE, DO, LIGHT UP… in that place. There. Wherever “There” is. And that will be revealed only after I am “There”.

    (Most likely. Unless Guidance tells otherwise.)

    I’ll just list a few Highlights about what has come to me about this window.

    ■9-6 through 9-12… a 7 day period.

    ■9-9-2012 = 18+5 = 23 = 2+3 = 5. That number has a strong Andromedan connection (to me).

    ■The 9-11-12 is the 11th anniversary of 9-11-01. 9-11… the 11 anniversary. To me it stood out that we have 9, and 1111.

    ■9 = completion. 1111 = a Grand New Beginning. A Grand Apocalypse (unveiling, uncovering) beginning. About the 9-11-01 events.

    ■So here we have the 9-9, which opens a portal, a window of opportunity, shall we say. Followed by the 9-11 11th anniversary. A perfect time to close the past (9) and to begin (1111) to unveil the actual events, and what was behind the events, of that day.

    ■12-12 to 12-21… a 9 day difference. Another 9. And both “12-12-2012″ and “12-21-2012″ add to 11. A 9 and 11 again.

    ■This is a worldwide “New Portal Opening” period. A bunch of new ones, whose locations have been veiled, will be activated and start doing their “thing”. Whatever that “thing” is.

    Okay, a lot of that up there may just seem like “playing with numbers”, but these connections have kept coming up (several times) again and again during the past couple weeks.

    11 Points of Connection throughout the Planet

    Some of you may recall that I spoke earlier about this 9-9 mission, in this post. And here are a couple points from that message.

    “If you thought it was intense these past ten days, just wait… It’s only just begun, and it will get more and more and more… Intense, that is. During the buildup to, and through, the 9-9-2012 portal.”

    “More of this message, was that I was given a mission… I am not to unveil any details of this until it is finished, but it will be a connecting mission meaning it connects with several other points throughout the world.

    “A few of you to whom I’ve been guided, will be sent something to assist in this mission. I know of a couple of you, but I’m not sure who the rest are… yet.

    “While this “pressure” is building, I have got that it is most helpful and “important” that we remain in close contact with our Passion-Self…”

    So there you have it. That was the prelude. As things progressed, I was moved to send packets of a certain Hawaiian sacred material to 11 people throughout the planet. Here are the locations of those individuals (and the number at each location).

    ■Japan (1)

    ■Australia, west (1)

    ■Australia, east (1)

    ■Hawaii (1)

    ■California (Los Angeles) (1)

    ■Oregon (1)

    ■Illinois (Chicago) (1)

    ■Costa Rica (1)

    ■Ireland (3)

    This was strictly a Guidance thing. I had no idea, until a few days ago, to whom these packets would go. And one at a time, it became clear. And off they went. It just “happened” that there were 11 points to which they went. Again, we have the 9-11 connection. So we have 9-11, 11, 11.

    So What is Happening Here and What is All This Going to Do?

    From what I have seen (and I’m sure I am not seeing everything at this time), this process is to open a multitude of new portals throughout the planet, through which some type of “new” Higher D Light may shine. It’s almost like this Light will be coming from within the planet, up through these new portals, out to the surface, and casting a whole new Light perspective for the bulk of humanity.

    This may very well be part of a 9-11 wake up process. This may very well not have anything to do with that, but I’m getting a very intimate connection among the fact that here is 9-9, 9-11, 11 (th anniversary), 11 locations. 9-9-9-11-11-11.

    The three 9′s to me indicates a very strong closing down (completion) of something. The three 11′s indicates a very powerful activation, or beginning, of something brand new.

    It likely involves the 9-11-01 event, but goes far, far beyond it.

    So that’s what I’ve got. I’m supposed to publish this on the 9-5-12, so I’ll stop here. But all I can say is, hold on to hats!

  • Thats from Kauilapele's Blog in Hawaii

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