Phone Ringing at night

  • I have been hearing a phone ringing in the night. The first time was last week

    it is about 3or 4am and I hear this phone. The first time I thought it was the

    house phone but no then I got up and looked out the window and their was

    nobody outside. Ok when back to sleep. Then this week I heard it again early

    Tuesday morning and again this morning.

    Thanks BLD

  • BLD,

    The practical side of me wants to say that someone has merely lost their phone near your house!

    However, the repetition of the TIME the phone is ringing says that your spirit guides and angels are trying to communicate with you. This time of morning is the time when you most hear them and/or feel them, or have vivid if not almost real, dreams.

    I feel that there is someone in your life who is trying to get something across to you and your guides are trying to open the lines, so to speak.

    When out and about, look/listen for, repeated signs which could be letters, numbers or a sequence of either or both. Anything that keeps showing itself to you repeatedly is another attempt to get a message to you.

    It could be that you've been "blind" to the messages you might otherwise see, so now your guides are attempting to contact you by sound, hence the ringing phone.

    Soon, you will get it. You are hearing the phone and taking notice of it, so hence, the message will become clear.

    Be interested myself to hear what that message turns out to be!

    Good luck 🙂



  • Hello Moon50

    Wow that is so awesome that I am finally letting my spirits and my angels talk to me. And you are so right that is about the time when I have dreams that are so real. I have been blind. And that is the best way to talk to me is in my sleep or wake me. Because I would be sound asleep and hear the phone. Wow ok I will make sure to paid attention to things more.

    Thanks so much BLD

  • No worries!

  • Moon50

    How do I know what I am to pay attention too. Will it be something that I will see

    and I will know that is what they are talking about. And when you said that there

    is somebody trying to get something across to me. Will I know what it is that person

    is trying to get across to me. I am a little lost I am not as open like you guys I have to

    learn how to listen.

    Thanks again BLD

  • Watch/listen for repeated things; things that keep coming to you. As said above, could be numbers, letters or combinations of both or even the amount of times the phone rings before it stops 🙂

    But don't go to bed at night and wait to hear the phone ringing either, because that's when you won't hear it believe it or not! You have to relax and go to sleep as normal. Read, distract yourself and drift off.

    Next time you hear the phone ring, if you are not quite awake, try not to wake yourself fully. Just lie there and see what comes ...


  • Ok like when I get up every night at around 2 or 4am. For some reason their is something that

    is making me get up. Last night it was the bed that shake, it is not the first time I felt that. But I

    was thinking it was from the earthquakes we have been having here in California. There is something I have been seeing my old address 445 and the number 222 a lot so it that what you mean.

    Thanks Illona

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