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  • I picked out the Tower card for the first time ever (I have had my cards a year now) and I am pretty worried by it. The question I asked is if my boyfriend and I will be together by the New Year. We've been together for a few months now and this has been the closest/healthiest relationship we've both had in a very long time and I'd hate to see it end. I decided to pull out other cards to gain more insight and I received the lovers, temperance reversed, and the moon reversed and I wasn't sure what to make of that.

    Could the tower card with that question simply mean a change in the new year and making peace with the past or will past behaviors and mistakes cause havoc to this relationship? In your experience, has the Tower always been a negative change? Any insight would be much appreciated!

  • Hi PinkStar

    Firstly, Tarot is not my modality of choice, however, I do have some knowledge of it. However, I will relate what I feel psychically, while being guided by your Tarot spread:

    The Tower card always means major change. It can represent a falling from grace, or some other sort of incident.

    Temperance reversed may signify heightened emotions, and an imbalance somewhere, either within the querant, their partner, or some other outside influence.

    The moon reversed may mean that where you had thought you'd been betrayed, you actually were being shown the way. This will be a challenge to yourself, as to how you perceive something that appears as a betrayal. You will have a choice to make, using your own integrity.

    Overall, I feel that your relationship is going to undergo some major shifts, where trust comes up and compatability. You both need to let go of past experiences which have left both of you mistrusting the good in what you currently have. In other words, one or both of you may start looking for reasons to sour what you currently have in the belief that it has been "too good to be true".

    TRUST is the major thing for you here. Trust that you deserve good. Trust that what you have can remain so. don't look for reasons to cause unnecessary conflict. This applies to both of you.

    FAITH is another thing you must apply here. Rather than pre-empting the future of this relationship, you need to have faith that it will go the way it's meant to and your job now is to fully embrace and enjoy this healthy relationship you have found.

    Value what you have. Nurture it. Don't give in to egotistical thoughts that can sully it.

    This relationship will go either way, and its outcome will depend on the attitudes and perspective offered it by both involved.

    So in a nutshell, how this pans out is up to you and your partner allowing yourselves to believe in the good of what you have rather than "expecting" it to go sour.

    HOpe this helps!



  • Thank you very much for your help! Your response makes sense to me and a lot of things you said really hit home to me. Having trust issues and being so guarded with my own "tower" around my heart have been issues in the relationship, but I've let my guard drop down a lot lately. The deception part makes sense to me as well because I have been deceived in the past but it has helped me learn and make me stronger.

    You're correct when you mention that we need to have faith in the relationship and that we both deserve a relationship that is "too good to be true" no matter how much it frightens both of us. Thanks again!

  • Glad to be of help 🙂

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