• Hello Moon50

    It is good to see you up and around on the board. It will take some time but you will

    be just fine. And in his own time he will talk to you. I was just wondering if you could tell

    me what my romantic soulmate letter is

    Thanks BLD

  • What do younsee for me?

  • Ipad mistyping. You*

  • blacklady,

    I see M for you. Thank you for your kind comments too. I rang him tonight and told him what I thought of him. However, I may apologise for a few things in a couple of days ... BUT he doesn't want to come back; that's all I wanted to know


    K comes to mind, but there is also an O - which isn't the first initial of common names, I know!

  • Hello Moon50

    Thank you for the letter don't have anybody in my life at the moment

    but don't know what will happen in a month. Well now you know what

    he is thinking. Well just remember the good times and just remember

    their is somebody out their even better for you.


  • thanks bld. That is the way I've got to look at it. I'm happy to maintain a friendship with him if it comes to that, but that's all.

  • Hi Moon50,

    What a very interesting thread. Perhaps you could try me. My birthday is 7/9/1959.

    Thanks a lot.

  • sunshine, I get G for you 🙂

  • Moon50,

    LOL, there is only one person I know with the name starts with G, and he's married! :)))

    However, you are probably right, because we both think we are soulmates...just not together.

    Thank you very much, that was quite enlightening... 🙂

  • Moon50.. How about me? This is an interesting thread.. Thank you..

  • virgobebe, I get K for you

  • ohhh me 🙂 2.7.1990 janet

  • fluffy, I get M for you and K popped in also 🙂

  • Thank you...

  • Oh Moon50,

    You have hit the nail on the head, I definitely have closed myself off, especially the past four years or so. I just cannot bear the thought of getting hurt again, and now I find myself in making the same mistakes I've made in the past regarding relationships. I thought I learned my lesson but it seems I havent. Once again, I feel doomed to be alone forever.

    It has been very tough lately, my great grandmother passed and so did my great aunt, and my best friend of over 14 years and I are no longer speaking. I havent cried one tear over any of it, I feel I have been through so much that I have no tears left to cry.

  • mariapisces,

    I didn't see your post originally, but did looking for librawitch's original one 🙂 As we've been talking already about other things, it's hard for me to distance myself from what I know about your situation. Having said that, weirdly enough, I get G 🙂

  • librawitch,

    You are aware of what your "difficulties" have been; that's the first step to healing.

    It may be that you are accepting of the passing of your great grandmother and great aunt; were they in pain for a long time prior? Often, when this happens, their deaths bring release for them, and relief for those who have watched them suffer. If you feel a sense of acceptance of their passing, and even a little shimmer of joy, then you know they are out of pain and are with you showing you that everytime you don't feel sad over it.

    As for your friend, I feel that this is another situation where you have accepted it as being inevitable. Endings often are, and if friends don't grow with us, then those friendships end so we are not hindered in our efforts to grow spiritually.

    worry not! You are closer than you think. Tears are a release; a way to vent grief and sorrow. It may be that your sad days are coming to an end, and you are ready for joy at last.

    Remember that passage: Live like tthere is no tomorrow / Dance like no-one is watching / Love like you've never been hurt before. This applies to you.

    It's time to leave the past behind and approach your now, and future, with a whole new attitude.

    I also want to tell you this: tears are not to be feared. It's the inability to shed them when they threaten. Allow all feelings to course through you and spill out; you owe that much to yourself.



  • Hello, I would like to participate also!

    I am sorry, but may i also ask please , and if you have the wish to answer, do you think it will be a harmonic union? Today one lady told me that he will be a man who thinks that woman belongs only in kitchen and then he will leave me. Sad and awful ((( not a soul mate of my dream.

    Thank you.

  • Marishkaa, I get the letter P for you.

    You have been "warned" that this sort of man may come into your life. Having been warned, you will recognise those traits very early on, and be able to rid yourself of that situation before it gets too hard to do. He will be very charming to start with too, but will do the odd little thing that makes you wonder. Take notice of those "little things" because they will amount to much bigger things if you allow it. I feel this man's name may begin with "M".

    However, as said above, I stick to P for you. Just make sure you get rid of M before he drags you down and P passes you by!!



  • Moon, Thank you!

    I am now communicating with a boy whose name starts form M . And i do see some disagreements between us. We are of different religion for example.

    "but will do the odd little thing that makes you wonder. " -did you mean it is in a negative sense,right?

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