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  • Moon50, can you tell me mine, please. Bday is 10/11/1980. Been waiting forever for my soulmate, twenty something years is too long.

  • Hey that's cool idea....what's my soulmate's name/initial? I feel like I am fairly close to my soulmate at this time. What do you feel?

  • Hi Burning!

    I feel the first letter of your soulmate's name is J


    Yes, twenty years is a long time. I hope you haven't closed yourself off to other experiences though while waiting for your soulmate 🙂

    In saying that, I feel your soulmate's first initial is W ..


    I am picking up that in your family you have a couple of S's, and also a J. Often, soulmates present as family members or close friends. I have a best friend whose first initial is V and she is a soulmate to me.

    As to romantic soulmate I still get D, though I also feel that your twin begins with M. Our own souls need to have corrected all karmic issues in any life in order to make a success of a relationship with our twin flame, so while you may have romantic soulmates come into your life, they come to help you sort out those karmic issues; as do companion soulmates (which can be family or friends). It is also possible with twin flames that they might not meet physically in a current life as their karmic issues are largely unresolved. A person may dream of their twin flame, but an actual meeting might not take place.

    It's a very interesting topic and one that is so complex, it can contradict itself in places. Many believe that there is only one soulmate for them, but I don't believe that's how soulmates work. There is, however, only ONE twin flame for a person, while there can be many romantic soulmates.

    Confused yet? As said, it's a topic that can appear to be contradictory in its complexity 🙂


  • Hello Moon 50, I was curious to know what my romantic soulmate's initial's were as well?

  • That is actually amazing. I was under the misconception that you only had one soulmate, but I guess I had it wrong with twin flame.

    Here, I've always been asking about meeting my soulmate, but I guess people really don't need to ask so much as they are probably with them more than they think. Or am I wrong?

    I just read something on the net that twin flames are extremely. Phew! How many lifetimes to meet that one?! lol

  • CodeName,

    From my readings on this topic, I have come to the conclusion that twin flames only meet and form a relationship in what may be their last physical life on earth, or one or two prior. I believe I have met my twin flame, but neither of us are ready to fulfill that relationship romantically in this life. I have been told that I've lived many lives and that I'm not far off "ascending". That could mean I have another one or two to live before my soul takes its rightful place on the other side for good. In other words, once I have corrected all my karmic issues. Yes, it is PHEW!! And can drive you nuts if you focus on it too much.

    My beliefs are that soulmates come into our lives in varying guises. They can even be PETS. Like, you may not have spared a thought to having a dog, for instance. But one needs a home, you meet it and want to take it home with you. That is a soulmate thing in its own way. This animal may be in your life to protect you from harm or bring you unconditional love that you otherwise might not have experienced thus far.

    Sounds far out doesn't it? But ... there is merit, definitely.

    The trick is to not cast around looking for your romantic soulmate, or your twin flame. In other words, don't put life off waiting. You need to live your life to its fullest; reach your potential, etc. Once you feel peace within, then those people meant to come into your life, will come and enhance what you have already experienced within yourself. It's as simple as that.

    Hope that helps some, but if not, read up more on this topic and make your own conclusions. I cannot say that what I believe is RIGHT or even FACT. It is simply what sits well with me and what I have come to believe. And I have read a lot on this topic and exerienced many soulmates in my life. I have been lucky 🙂


    I feel your romantic soulmate's first initial is either F, or an F sounding letter.



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  • Hi Moon50,

    Over the years, I've had people & my dog Bella, in my life, that I believe were/are soulmates. Some just briefly, some years. These were not all romantic, actually most were not, but they had a significant effect on my life. I'm wondering what is my romantic soulmate's initial ? Thanks



  • It seems a bit strange that I'm picking up initials that are yours 🙂 I wonder if, in fact, you have a wonderful "love" relationship with your own self, which is what is needed in order to bring harmony and love into your life as a whole. Are there troubling issues with your husband atm? I'm not really picking up anything major here, but I do sense some unrest ... Of course, I've been very nosey too, so don't feel you have to answer that 🙂

    It's funny, but when I first started reading about this topic, I was so desperate to be with my "soulmate" that I went through a rather weird patch with it. I did not understand that my ex was a soulmate, nor did I realise that even if you are with your romantic soulmate, or even twinflame, that does not mean the relationship will be a success. We were on the verge of separating then, but somewhere came the emotional energy to continue for another eight years until it got too much for me, and ultimately, him. However, while I feel I have met my twin soul/flame, I am accepting that we may not be ready in this life for a love relationship or even friendship. Add to that, the man I'm currently with is someone I love being with, and love the very ESSENCE of. He's a beautiful soul; a little troubled, but beautiful. And thus far, I'm very happy with him, even though we're going through a testing time at the moment. He also has lost who I think may have been his own twin soul through death, and I feel he's suffering from that soul loss; and I'm trying to support him and help him through it, because I have some idea what a "soul" loss is like.

    Still, we all need to be open to whatever life experiences we are having or have had to date. they all make us who we are, as do the people we meet and share those experiences with. I had said my best friend (who is no longer near me physically) is a soulmate, and she definitely is. She's the sister I never really had. Her first initial - for some reason this Site wouldn't let me type it - is Vee (hopefully this'll show up this time!!)

    So I have learned over the years to be accepting of the many types of soulmates we encounter, and not to put too much stock on The One 🙂 The One is often who you are with at the present time, not the one you may pine for and have not met.

    Ah, it's interesting! Fascinating, confusing and yet, such soul food for those of us on a path of doubt at present. And it is up to us to try and enjoy where we are at now, rather than feel we'll be happy when ... Let's be happy now! Life is too short, and I'm buggered if I want to come back next time correcting karmic issues I should've sorted out in this one 🙂



  • Hello Moon50!

    Thanks for the fun 🙂 Mine is the letter "J"........

    Light & Love to you,


  • Hello Moon50, could you guess my romantic soulmate - my DOB is jan 18 1983. thank you.

  • Moon50,

    Were you responding to me? If so, I do hope you sense a strong self love because I've been working on this relationship. No, no currant romantic relationship. I stopped seeing a BF ( of 3 yrs) 3 mo ago, perhaps this is what you sense.

    I do agree that it is important to embrace loving relationships & not seek out the "perfect soulmate." I try to live in the moment & be thankful for a relationship that is loving & positive for both involved. I'm a widow, & although I don't feel he was my soulmate, we had a good life together. Loosing someone you love, especially you have known & lived with for years can be very difficult to experience. A broken heart is truely painful, & we all grieve at different rates. I believe it is possible to have another wonderful love relationship eventhough there may still be some grieving for another person. That may seem odd if you've never experienced it but its similar to having more than one child- you love them equally yet perhaps a bit differently because each is unique. Sometimes grief sneaks up on you when you least expect it, it isn't always present. In time, it fades as you begin to live more in the present but there may be times when it comes out & revisits for a moment or two.



  • Thank you Transformed! The letter I get for you is K.


    The letter I get for you is V

  • Sorry eily, for some reason this site won't allow that letter to come up. So I'll s p e l l it!! "Vee"


  • Well amused, I saw that that previous post had come just after yours, but it was for Livingadream. However, if any of it resonates with you, then you were meant to read it!

    I feel that your husband was definitely a soulmate, however more of a companion type, rather than romantic. That doesn't mean it wasn't successful, loving or romantic! It really depends on the lessons each brings to the other in relationships I think. Sometimes, the deep friendship you feel with someone is enough for each of you, and while that is the case, then success is guaranteed in a pairing of this nature.

    The relationship which ended for you recently was very good for opening you up to other possibilities I think. However, I feel that you have decided you are meant to be alone, so alone you will be. I don't believe that's your path my friend, and I hope you don't mind me saying that.

    You will be with another in this life, and you will spend your remaining days with this man. He may die before you, but the memories you'll have will be rich and keep you safe and protected until your own time comes. His spirit will remain with you; as does the spirit of your ex husband. You are a very lucky woman as you have experienced many close relationships. However, you doubt your own ability to actually functiion effectively when involved with someone.

    Having said that, the next partner you have in this life, and though I'm not great at time frames, will happen in the next one to two years (or months or weeks ... who knows?) His name will begin with A but more like an aah sound.



  • Opps, but yes, some did speak to me. I don't want to be alone, its just not easy to meet a man thats ready for a healthy relationship, thats dealt with his old baggage. So I guess I'm focusing on myself & making a good life for me. I'll be open to a new relationship when he comes along just not spending all my time looking. Your insight is certainly welcome & I do hope it happens.

    Thanks & sending positive energy for you & your partner to get through this bumpy patch & your journey together is filled with love, joy & laughter


  • Thank you very much Amused 🙂 Who really knows what's coming? I am trying to take one day at a time, though a part of me feels an ending is coming ... an ending to exactly WHAT though, is not clear.



  • Hi, What letter do you get for my romantic soulmate Moon50? 🙂

  • moonalisa, I get the letter R for you 🙂

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