• Hello Moon50,

    Thank you for the reply. I do not know a C. couldthe letter be further in the name?

    maybe will meet him later.

    something to think about


  • How about me, Moon?

  • cyw,

    It is something to think about. I won't say that the letter could be further in the name, but the "sound" of it could be.


    I get K for you!

  • And ah ... what do you get for me Captain? Just cuuuurious ...

  • Hello Moon50,..... So nice to see you here Again , I posted to you on page 5 and the the next day I seen your post that your post on your other forum ...IFELT SO SAD FOR YOU and I posted there as well ,,,, I am so GLAD to see you are doing better. Read if you wish and if not thats OK too. Great to see you back ..."A"

  • Thank you leinida. I'm expecting to go up and down for a while. I miss him terribly, but am getting on with my life the best way I can at the moment: one day at a time. It's weird, which is what I said in that apologies thread, but I felt like I was being "confronted" when someone had asked for a reading specificially from me, yet when it's a general question for anyone to answer, I'm okay with it. I'm still at loss, though, why I haven't heard one thing from him. Not even a "hi, how are you going?" It's like he's run away and wants to avoid me as much as he can ... sigh ...

  • Moon, I get a whole name for you - Michael. And I even hear the words ""The Brave" tacked onto it.

  • Oh dear!! So maybe it could be .... Michael as in John Travolta????? We'd have a lot in common we would - drinkin, swearing ... hmmm

    So does K ring any bells for you, or is there no-one in your circle at the moment? I'm not seeing there is; or at least, you're keeping yourself reined in ...

  • Moon50, I think I did it wrong--what initial for me

  • No, no K's, at least of the male variety but I have two sisters beginning with K. Maybe one of them will introduce me to my soulmate?

  • Could be Captain! Or that is going to be the first letter of his name. Like Ken or Kenny.

    Funny, my sister's name is K, however there is nothing "soulmate" about her to me (except in the karmic sense). We haven't spoken for eight years because she is a narrow-minded, nasty little critter when she chooses to be and my foster son and I copped the sharp edge of her meanness, hence no talk 🙂

  • No Daliolite, you didn't do it wrong! The letter I get for you is F 🙂

  • Ken is one of my best friends - I didn't even connect him to a romantic question. But I have never felt that way about him and besides he is happlily married to a lovely girl.

  • There could be another one ... considering Ken is a pretty common name 🙂

  • Thanks, F-- my dad's name was Frank and brother. I'll keep that in mind. Moon, I get A and S for you.

  • Hi Moon - i always drawn to a G- Gary?

  • Of course, since we all meet many different types of soulmates during our lives (soulmates are anyone who helps us learn and grow), we generally have more than one romantic soulmate too. Maybe we should be asking for a long term deeply compatible love mate?

  • Probably Captain! This is a rather "general" thread, although not all are aware that we have more than one romantic soulmate in our lives, but only that one twin soul who we may or may not be with in this life.


    is the G for you or me? If me, I certainly had a G in my life; he was my ex husband 🙂

    As for you I get H ...

  • how about me Moon50? 🙂

  • pinkrose, I get J for you 🙂

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