• i wish it was P but i am happy there is any. 🙂 hm, in fact P is not far from R 😉

    Thank you Moon50

  • Hello Moon50

    I was way back on page 2 and I think I got skipped! I guessed a "V" for you, like Vince.

    Wonder why the forum won't let that letter show up?

    Can't wait to see what letter you will come up with for me!

  • Hi Moon50,

    How are you? My guess is an R for you - Rick? That's what popped into my head.

    Would love to know what mine could be 🙂

  • Ruby, I get K for you. Sorry that you got missed!

    Danceur, thanks for that. However the R who has been in my life is soon to be out of it sadly 😞

    As for you, I get ... N


  • Hello Again Moon50,, I just read all the posts and I think I noted that the "A" for me is the only one you got 100% correct, well there is more to tell so HERE GOES... as I mentioned my first husband was an "R" well after 13 yrs and 3 children he left for an other women ,he died shortly after , 19 yrs later I met Alex another "A" like me . We married I taught him english and all the things he needed to know about our country,He was Hungarian and came from Romania. 15 yrs later his Father died and left him land and money ..Well Guess What!!, he wanted a divorce and then he planned to go back to his Country. It took him 6 yrs to organize all behind my back and I have not heard a word since. I can,t tell you how I felt. By the way I am Canadian and of course he became a Canadian citizen. Can you tell me if he will or has come back and lives somewhere else in this huge Country . I see you have unhappiness in YOUR life and I still think you will meet a Special person with the letter "B" Take your time to answer me , I see you have many request and you are very gifted at this. Many thanks "A" .

  • Moon50, Soulmate initial is G name is George. What do you think...

  • Hello,

    Very fun topic, especially when one just begin a relationship and feels like the other mate cab be a twin flame, but now hears IT'S NOT. Hilarious in a way... ( just a general comment)

    Very interesting what you described soul mates and twin flames... Food for thought..

    Some people are giving you a "B". My cousins name "Beto" quickly came to mind for you. Actually the name Beto is kind of a nickname for *Gilbert.

    What do you think the first letter to my romantic soulmate is ?

  • Thank you 🙂 I hope this is him... Just got back from a wonderful 13 hours with him..... oh my..

  • Hello Moon50!

    A 'K" huh? Hmmmmm, now I am highly intrigued, lol! I'm wondering about the "J" in my life now who certainly has all of the attributes of a Soulmate 😕 .........

    Thank you for this fun exercise!

    Blessings overtake you,


  • Hello Moon50,

    I would like to know the letter of my romantic soulmate/twin flame or anything else you would like to tell me. 🙂 I have a connection with someone right now and I believe he could be my twin flame from what you described, but what an interesting topic.

    Thanks for the wonderful topic,

    Laci 🙂

  • Moon since this is in the spirit of fun,I got the letters C,D and R for you from tarot cards. I believe we meet more than one soulmate in our lives and though all these associations are very intense, some can be very brief as well.

    What do you get for me:)

    Thanks and hugs

  • sweettoty




    For you I get the letter G.


    For you I get the letter I


    My current partner who I recently broke up with is R

    I also have another romantic soulmate who was a colleague years ago, and I had a brief "thing" with. He is a D.

    The C name, I'm not sure about, but I did have a HUGE yearning for a fellow called Craig whom I knew way back when I was in my teens!

    As for you, I get ... believe it or not Y. Which is not the first letter of many names, I know! But that's what I get. Maybe Yves or ... ??

    Thanks all.

    If I've forgotten anyone, please repost. If I've not acknowledged all comments made, it's hard to read through all the posts on these threads, then go to the last page to respond and remember who said what, so again, apologies! I will have to start copying and pasting I think!!



  • Hello moon50...can you tell me which letter you get for my soulmate or lover or twin flame...I am highly intrigued about what letter you will get...I am not seeing anyone right now though but in the spirit if fun,I am very much interested...thank u

  • ilena,

    I get the letter F 🙂

  • Thanks Moon50 🙂

    By chance, is N - Nicholas? He's an acquaintance and the only N I know. Gee I might have a little crush 🙂

  • Moon

    Thanks and apologies for posting a silly request like this when...

    Anyways, Ive never known any Y so this could be my soulmate in Spirit, he he

    Thanks for reading for me and ill try again and let you know if a letter pops up:)


  • hello moon 50

    I would like to know the better letter for me.

    Thank you

  • Hi cyw,

    The letter I get for you is C, believe it or not!

  • Hi Moon

    This is fun, can you tell whats mine?


  • Hello Moon50,

    Thank you for the reply. I do not know a C. couldthe letter be further in the name?

    maybe will meet him later.

    something to think about


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