• Hi all!

    I thought I'd post up a thread which is a bit of fun really, compared to all the seriousness we've been living amongst for so long. It's something I think we'd all be curious about so why not have a bit of mucking around?

    So, what is the first letter of my romantic soulmate's name? 'Course, if anyone gets an actual NAME, that'd be grand! And I'll see what I come up with for you 🙂



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  • Hello Moon 50, I don,t have a romantic soul mate at this time and I am quite happy that way right now , But you are right perhaps we can have a bit of fun . I sense that you are unique so I think he may have a name that starts with a "B" like Bradley or Benton if not then I go with a name that starts with an "S" .

  • Thanks Leinida! I am currently with someone whose name starts with "R", so we'll see!! And I know not all of us are worried about soulmates or relationships at all for that matter. However for you, I get the letter "A".

    As for you dmick59, I get the letter .... "D" which I realise is the first initial of your own name, but ... there it is! I cleared myself when I first got that letter, but it popped up again, so I'm going with it! By the way, this person's name could be a nickname or middle name used instead of the original given name ...

    Thanks guys!

  • Well , I really must tell at first I had the letter R in mind but I kept thinking about it ... and changed my mind ... And that was because it was my Husbands name was Ronald and I thought OH MY I must be thinking about him... he has been gone a long time. But I am amazed at you YES my name starts with an "A" Perhaps yours does too could be Angel , I Feel your spirit .

  • Leinida, a thought struck me as I was showering, you mentioned the name Benton. Well, some years ago I had an experience that only came to me in dreams, but had dreamed of someone for about 8 years. I finally met him but did not make the connection at the time as I was still married. However, this man's name, although not starting with B is similar sounding to Benton. So you might be on to something there! As I said though, we'll see ...

  • And thank you very much for your kind comments about uniqueness and the name Angel. It does make me feel wonderful to hear that from you 🙂

  • I am a new senior and I love this forum . It certainly brings pleasure to witness people who probably have never met but are so helpful and encouraging to each other . We all have times with feelings of despair and loneliness, but this forum even helps with growth and spirituality and I have read many of your posts and you are very special so THANK YOU VERY MUCH .

  • Man I hope mine is an "M"....! We are clicking sooo well!

  • Moon50,

    I came up with the letter B for you. Thats just the first letter that came into my head. Pretty cool thread! You are right we need some light hearted fun!

    Many Blessings!

  • Hi Moon!

    Its interesting! I would like to participate! 😉 Please let me know. Thank you!

  • Oh, thank you for doing this Moon!

    I'm going to guess M: for Markus or Michael.

    Hope you are well, and have a nice day.

  • Leo Bethany,

    Well, it must be your lucky day because I came up with "M" even though you'd sort of pre-empted it. Yay!


  • Hi CodeName

    I come up with the letter T for you.

    And thank you for attempting mine! M, ay? Hmmmmmmmm .... :))


  • Aprilca

    C is the letter I get for you! Hope that's what you wanted to hear 🙂


  • LivingaDream

    You're the second one to come up with the letter B for me! Thanks for that 🙂

    As to you, I get the letter .... P



  • Hey Moon, thanks for that! T, huh? That's interesting. Haven't gotten to know any T's as of late, but sounds like a real Treat. lol

    So what do you think is your soulmate's first letter?

  • Thanks Moon 😉 Although I dont have a C in my mind... will see!

  • It's very hard to know really. My ex husband was G, and he was a soulmate, so that's why it's hard to know. I do keep coming across the name of a man I constantly dreamed about a few years ago which also starts with T, so ... ? But maybe he simply has a message for me or something, but am not too worried about that atm.

    See what you come up with! I, and others, could end up with every letter of the alphabet! And won't we be busy??!! Hahahaha



  • Hi Moon50

    Hi Moon50

    I think it is someone with an uncommon name.

    I'll say V for Vince.

    I always liked that name.

    So, let's see what you come up with for me.


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