• Moon50,

    Thank you for your kind, honest, and comforting words. I teared up reading it! I know that I am about to embark on the best time of my life, all my horoscopes and such keep mentioning Saturn finally leaving my sign so big things are on the horizon, I guess I just didnt expect so much would change so quickly.

    Thanks again! Love & Light!

  • Just little things that could be insignificant, but things that seem odd for someone so charming, and someone who knows how to treat a lady 🙂

  • Thank you, Moon50 ) Sad if it is my current friend i am talking with ). I am starting to like him too!

  • moon50 -

    you said m and k but do you know if these people are already in my life? first name middle or last is it? thanks!

  • Hi Moon.. what letter do you get for me? I sense J but I wanted to see what you get. dob 6680

  • Hey Moon50,

    I see you’re still into the whole soul mate thing. I was hoping you would be over that by now. But I guess, once a romantic always a romantic. In all seriousness, I hate to see you hurting. If you need any help with anything let me know. I haven’t been on here in a very long time but was told to come on tonight. I immediately clicked on this post and felt a familiar vibration.

    In the mean time, I’m always up for a fun game…What’s the initial of my soul mate?

  • Well hi manifestdreams! It's good to see you back 🙂 Ah yes, that soulmate thang! Though I'm feeling pretty jaded about the whole "thang" these days 😞 Still, I'll get over it, move on and be better for it. And I also hate spouting off cliche phrases, so shoot me down!!

    I get T for you! And thank you for your offer of help; it's appreciated xoxoxoxo



  • Hi Moon50,

    Do you see a soul mate for me? My date of birth: 3/17/58.

    Thanks so much!


  • Lifer, I see K for you xoxo

  • Hi Moon50, i think you skipped over me, last pg (11)

  • I probably did SluBear! It's not hard to do 🙂

    I get P and J for you. J popped in first, then as I was typing this, P as well.



  • Thank you, Moon50. Lifer

  • Hi Moon50,

    Do you see a soul mate for me? My DOB is 11/26/62.



  • hello Moon 50, I can read that you have had some difficulties lately, I hope you are doing better, I wrote to you on page 5 of this forum. I explained my concern for your situation ... and I did take the liberty of briefly telling you my story. I know you where very upset so it may have passed you by,.

    In my story I asked you a question that is very important to me ...as you will see. if you have the chance to go to page 5 I would like to know your opinion on my concerns or anyone else who may wnt to take the time to help me .... Thank You .

  • Thank you Moon50, J pops in my mind all the time... hmm P huh. Light and Love

  • sharon,

    I see C for you. And I also see someone quite tall 🙂


  • leinida,

    "Hello Again Moon50,, I just read all the posts and I think I noted that the "A" for me is the only one you got 100% correct, well there is more to tell so HERE GOES... as I mentioned my first husband was an "R" well after 13 yrs and 3 children he left for an other women ,he died shortly after , 19 yrs later I met Alex another "A" like me . We married I taught him english and all the things he needed to know about our country,He was Hungarian and came from Romania. 15 yrs later his Father died and left him land and money ..Well Guess What!!, he wanted a divorce and then he planned to go back to his Country. It took him 6 yrs to organize all behind my back and I have not heard a word since. I can,t tell you how I felt. By the way I am Canadian and of course he became a Canadian citizen. Can you tell me if he will or has come back and lives somewhere else in this huge Country . I see you have unhappiness in YOUR life and I still think you will meet a Special person with the letter "B" Take your time to answer me , I see you have many request and you are very gifted at this. Many thanks "A".

    I feel this man was using Canada, and sadly you, as stepping stones to get to America. I don't feel he's in Canada, rather I feel he took off to the US and is currently doing similar to another woman there. He's very charming and convincing this man, and comes across so sincere.

    I hope you have let him go, because I don't think he'll be back in your life. It's like he got what he needed (ie, money, learned the language, etc) and left with his newfound "security". He's a runner this one; not one to settle down as that would cramp his style. I'm getting a sense of him being like a child really; very loveable and personable. Not a bad man, but a user. He's come from a difficult situation somewhere too I feel. I get a sense of poverty almost, and he's never forgotten that atmosphere of lack. This could also be a past life issue.

    Funny you should say "B" because I'm in the very, very early stages of talking to someone whose surname begins with B at the moment. However, I'm aware of taking it slowly and cautiously and seeing where it leads, if anywhere. His first name begins with G by the way 🙂

    I don't know if this helps you at all, or upsets you. If it has upset you, I apologise. I honestly can't see him coming back to you any time in the near future. I do however, see a rather large man coming along for you, who is like a big bear. You'll be his sweetie-pie and love every minute of being so looked after and cared for. I also see a tattoo and possibly facial hair.

    Hope things are well in your part of the world!

    Thanks too, for your insights 🙂



  • Hello Moon50, Thank you for your response, First let me tell you I am not the least bit upset about the information you gave. Two days ago I received a long distance telephone call and I was surprised... it was him,, I did not answer , He left a short message telling me he would like to talk to me. He owes me a lot money , I was on his medical plan which he terminated. For a while I was in a bit of a mess. This was all done for me by a court order which he defaulted on. Now I think he wants to come back to CANADA and is attempting to test me to see what I will do. My intuition told me a month ago ,he was either HERE or he was wanting to be,,,, that is why I proposed that question to you. I am so content with my life I WOULD NEVER WANT HIM BACK . I just want to be a step ahead of him in cause he knocks on my door. FOOL me once shame on you.... FOOL me twice shame on me LOL By the way the man you describe,,, I HAVE ALREADY MET MARRIED AND DIVORCED IT WAS HIM.... absolutely everything except for the facial hair. Enough of me now,,, for YOU,, Take your Time,,, lead with your beautiful WISDOM and LOVE with your heart. ...."A" from Canada

  • hey, whats mine 🙂

  • oh im sorry am i suppose to give my date of birth- mine is jan 27. 1994

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