Can somebody help me please

  • Here is a spread I did for myself it is a love and relationship spread

    Will I find love - Two of wands

    Will I be secure & confortable with this person - Ace of wands

    Is marriage for me - Ten of swords (reversed)

    Will this love remind me of my past lovers - Five of Wands

    Will this be a commitment be possible with this new love - Two of pentacles

    Can the magic last between us - Seven of Pentacles

    What can I do to make this person a part of my life - King of cup

    Thanks BLD

  • Basically I feel the reading says that you will not find your true love until you have made peace with yourself and found emotional healing. You need to resolve any issues from the past and move on from all the men you have known. You have to give this 'new man' a chance to be original and an individual in his own right, and not want him to be like anyone you have known in the past just because that is safer and more comfortable for you. You are caught in a vicious circle of the past and need to break free of it so that someone new in every way can enter your life.

  • Hello Captain

    You know Captain you are so right. I will have to work on that. Because if any guy did

    come into my life now he would be fighting with the old men in my life and he would

    not have a chance. So Thank you and I have some homework to do not just school


    Thanks again BLD

  • Good luck to you!

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