Met this guy I really like

  • I'm posting this here...I dunno if Shuabby is still here, I'll take insight from anyone.

    Shaubby gave me reading in May: "Who is John as I hear this name clearly around you. You will be meeting a man in the later part of summer that you will really click with on most levels, he is a jolly good fellow is what I receive and he will make you happy if you allow him to. Dark hair , blue eyes and medium build is how he will look. Get ready for a wonderful relationship."

    OK I met him EXACTLY like she said, I really like this guy and we do click on most levels. I'm not wanting to dive into a relationship but noticed he did say that he wasn't looking for one. He seems very unsure about what he wants to do with his life (and me) in some way. Sometimes when I look in his eyes there is a connection and other times he look tormented or something. Right now I am just kind of hanging back a bit, I'm not sure what to do. I haven't called him.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

  • You need to be aware that this guy is very damaged and brings with him a lot of baggage from past relationships and his childhood. Trust is a very big issue. He is now extremely wary of relationships yet yearns to find true love. I do feel you will be good for him but it will be difficult and you would need to put in a lot of time and patience to get anywhere with this man. He is a good guy underneath all his pain, but you would have to decide if you are willing to go the necessary miles here and are prepared for some painful confusing times. Like the stock market, the investments you make would have to be long term if rewards are to be gained. While I don't feel a soulmate connection, I think you could at least make a very good friend out of this - in fact, friendship is the least stressful type of relationship for this man to make at the moment. If he feels any sort of pressure or heavy romantic interest, he will back off.

  • Thank you Captain!

    Yes he is very wary...afraid to trust me although he made a good effort once and I didn't let him down. I'm surprised he did...also said he didn't want anything to happen to me because of it. I just want to be with my soulmate and if that takes patience then so be it, but I don't want anyone else, so if that's not him then well I could still be his friend...I really like him. All the "bad" stuff that I do know about him doesn't bother me at all, I feel no need to judge. Yet I'm not kidding myself there either. Jeez other than the wariness he's awesome.

    What do you feel about my soulmate? Vibrationally I wonder how close we are and the such like that.

  • I am feeling reddish hair with your soulmate, a very positive and cheerful guy. But I feel you need to help this present guy a bit first with his issues - something you learn from him will help you with your soulmate.

  • Funny you say that, I was thinking I would help him if I could. He's already said some things to me that were pivotal about certain things. Its strange I instantly felt quite fond of him when I met him, guess for a reason. Thank you very much for your time Captain. Peace, love and light.

  • I'm very confused with him right now. But I am treating him like I would a fearful animal, let it come to me and not do anything to scare it away when it does.

  • OMG everything was great I thought and now I think he is has been sent to the people pound for something. 😞 Is this how it ends? I'm actually ok despite the severe winds of change! What about my soulmate, where is he now?

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