Could use a reading on several situations please. Shuabby,Astraangel,or anyone

  • I have a few things I like a reading on. 1st is money/job. It has taken me 5months to get into this company(so many delays that werent my fault). this homecare company is now saying they dont have a client in my county and time scedule right now. i need to work! i owe my mom $ for car insurance,cell phone,etc.. and she cant afford it anymore,but i need those things 2 go2 work,school. Im living with my boyfriend right now, and he is supporting me, giving me gas $,etc.. but he is struggling too. when am i going to start working? i cant wait anymore! i have fines/bills due in next few months, and these have to be paid no exceptions! Now as for college. Im currently failing one of my labs in veterinary technician school, if i dont pass it im out of the program! ill have a $30,000 bill i cant afford if i dont become a tech. then all the time/money will be a waste. whats going to happen? it isnt looking good as to there is only 2weeks left and not likely to be able to catch up. This is my dream, my future, my way out of the poorhouse. as for my love life, its going ok, no major issues with my guy. the only tough thing is he is over the road truck driver, which has him on the road alot, and i miss him, and wish we could have more time together for quality time and physical intimacy. but I love him, and understand his need to make a better life for himself and me. and he does like driving to different states. but will we ever be able to go on adventures together? to go places,do things together? I know making a living is vital but what about living life and having fun? will we ever get a break? we got to go the air show on labor day, we really couldnt afford it but we desperately needed that time alone together and have some fun. it was awesome, then he had to leave right afterwards. he and his friend(our roommate) came home late last night but they were called to leave again this afternoon, and should be back sometime next week. and they will be home for couple days. im staying strong, praying alot and hoping for things to get better. nothing seems to be going right these days, no light at the end of tunnel, when are things going to start improving? we are so stressed,tired.

  • Why do you think you are failing the course?

  • because I have a 72% in lab and you need a 77% to pass. our grades are up to date on our online accounts. could you possibly do a reading for all these situations

  • Are you finding the course too difficult or have you lost interest? Would extra study help? Are you being distracted from your studies by your personal worries? Because if something is meant to be, it usually comes easily. Maybe you need to reassess your goal and see if your heart is still in it.

  • its neither too difficult nor have i lost interest. the 1st time i took it i had 2withdraw after 3weeks cause of car issues. so its my 1st time sitting through whole course. most of the other students already work in the field and many vets allowed then 2 do things that only techs do which they r not legally allowed to do. this is with most people who have been working at the clinic for several years now,they were kinda "grandfathered in" but any new employees dont get that advantage, cause laws,regulations have changed. they grade u on procedures on the 1st time you do it,and only get couple chances to do it. most of the people who pass this program are already in the field prior to school. i need to do some things a few times before i can be decent at it. i know my material, i understand the concepts, im passing the lecture portion, and none of the procedures are too difficult. iv done much harder procedures working on my own car! many students have brought this topic up, the directors,teachers say they understand how we feel, they say its hard cause there is alot of material to cover in a short period of time, and there is just not enough time to spend on each thing. This is my dream/passion, and i want this more than anything in the world. my whole future is riding on this, cause i have to pay my loans back no matter what. and i need to make the loan payments on time, to improve my credit cause i cant even get financed to get my teeth fixed which if i dont do something about it soon ill lose my teeth. im already missing several front top teeth. i cant keep living with bad credit, its hindering my chances at succeeding in life. Could you do a reading for me please? will the school give me 2nd chance if i do an appeal? where i would have to pay cash to take the class again. or is this the end of the line for my dream? what about work/money? how are things going to go with this new homecare company i just started? will i be working soon or not? will i be able to pay my past bills,debts before it gets worse? are there any major breakthroughs on the horizon? if so, when? how? etc....

  • I do feel you will fulfill your dreams, but you have to put in some extra effort in order to achieve them. You need to ring around all the vets in your area and volunteer your services for free in return for being able to observe the procedures you need to gain experience in. Who knows they might even give in and let you assist, after they get to know you. I can feel that you have healing energies so you would do well in this field once you get your feet in the door.

    With your teeth, you should enquire whether there is any dental training college around you because they will do the work for free in order to get someone to practise on. The students will work on you though they are always heavily supervised by their teachers.

  • ok, so will i be granted an appeal if i should fail this course? i do agree i need to get experience on some things, we are suppose to do "POD" hours before we graduate, its where we shadow techs, basically like voluntering. we need so many large animal,non-profit, profit,etc.. but i have alot most of the hours left to do yet, i havnt had time to do pods hours much yet cause i need to work full time and study. so im planning on doing them asap. but it wont matter if i kicked out of the program for good. once im dismissed from program my loan will go into default. which then i wont be able to get another loan(s) for anything else especially educational. iv been puttingl in applications in a clinics, so far they are saying that they are only hiring techs, but i wont give up. so what do you see happening with school? what do the cards say about my future? and what about work? when am i going to start working? im broke and can hardly put gas into my car to get to school. how much longer for these delays?

  • Don't think about an appeal yet - that is just perpetuating the idea that you will fail the course. Instead focus on doing everything that is practical and possible to boost your experience and knowledge. Focus on what you want, not on what you don't have, because you get what you put your thoughts and energy into. I feel you spend a lot more time dwelling on the possibility of failure than on the likelihood of success. Your future at this point can go either way - if you focus on the negative and become too emotional, your life will go down, but if you focus on the positive, gather your courage and self-belief, and think up new ways to succeed, your life will go up. It's all up to you. If things are all going downhill, don't give up - just take it as a sign to do things differently to the way you have always done them.

    So try to get that volunteer work and free dental work and be creative about achieving the things you want. Instead of seeing not working as a bad thing, use the extra time as a way to build up your vet tech experience. Sit down and make a list of your goals, then work out as many practical ways to get them as you can. Ask your friends and even your teachers if they have any ideas that you haven't thought of.

    Create the future you want for yourself. If you don't take action now, you will lose everything you have already built.

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